Car title loans are known by many to be a fast and easy way to get cash for any emergency. Emergencies happen, and it isn’t possible to always be prepared or ready for them. Fortunately, if it’s only a matter of getting money quickly, auto title loans can help. With just a few minutes of your time, you could be looking at a cash loan in one business day!2

When you apply for auto title loans, it means that we use the value of a vehicle that you own as collateral, or loan security. You can keep your vehicle in your own driveway, though, and drive it anytime you want to. To secure the loan for you, we will only require your car’s title. We’ll keep the title while you are making the convenient monthly payments on your personal loan. When you finish and the terms of the contract have been met, we will gladly return your title to you.

How long does it take to request a car title loan in Kentucky? In less than 10 minutes you can complete the short online inquiry form and submit it to us at 5 Star Car Title Loans in Kentucky. We’ll get back to you quickly with a lending decision!

Is it Possible to Apply for Collateral Loans in Kentucky with Bad Credit?

We welcome all types of credit consumers at 5 Star Car Title Loans in Kentucky. When you need money for any reason at all, you are invited to send us your inquiry form. We offer loans that are secured by your car, so it is easier for anyone with any credit background to be approved. If you have a bad credit score but need money for any urgent situation, let’s see if we can work together. When you send us your online request, we’ll look at the value of the car that you own, your ability to pay and that you fit into our simple credit criteria.

If you meet the simple credit requirements for loans for bad credit in Kentucky, we will be happy to help you out with an easy loan. The way to find out if you can be accepted is by sending us your inquiry form. These are online loans, so you can fill in your request form and submit it now, wherever you are with an internet connection.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that with a bad credit history, it’s still possible to find a lender for emergency cash!

How Do Online Title Loans in Kentucky Work?

For the residents of Kentucky, there may be many types of personal loans available to choose from. Anyone who’s in the midst of a financial crisis will want to access quick cash without spending a lot of time working out the red tape or complications. We have created a streamlined approach to fast funds that is both easy to request and quick to receive.

If you own a vehicle that has good value, then you are eligible to apply for a fast car title loan. It’s mandatory that your name is on the car’s title as its owner, as you must own the vehicle you are using as collateral. If your name is not on the title, you can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your location and ask them to help you update it.

Send in an online inquiry form at any hour – it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, since it is all done online. We will check your personal details along with the information you provide regarding your car. If it turns out that your car has good equity, you might be pre-approved for an easy online loan. With online personal loans for bad credit, your poor credit score can even be overlooked if you own a valuable car.

To use your vehicle as loan security, you will only need to surrender your car title for the duration of the loan’s term. You still get to keep your car though, so that you can use it anytime you need to go somewhere. We will only request the title, and when you finish paying the money back you can get the title back.

It’s really a simple solution to an emergency cash situation. Contact us now for more details regarding quick loans for bad credit in Kentucky.

How Can I Get a Loan With Bad Credit in Kentucky?

The procedure for getting a cash advance loan in Kentucky is a simple one. The first step is available all the time, 24/7 because it is online. When you take the first step, which is to approach our team for a secured loan, we will keep the ball rolling. In a matter of minutes you could get loan approval. After signing the final contract, you could even have the cash in your pocket within one business day!

Here are the quick steps for you to follow beginning with the first one:

-Either phone our office and a loan agent will help you fill in the inquiry form or go online anytime and complete it by yourself. The questions you need to answer are basic, so it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes from start to finish. Send it to us for a quick review.

-With your submission form, we will spend a few minutes evaluating your personal details and the information on the vehicle you are using as loan security. We’ll check everything to see if you meet our credit criteria and get back to you with a lending decision. Remember that even if you have a poor credit score, it’s still possible to meet our simple credit criteria and receive loan approval!

-When you get approval for your loan request, you will also have a loan document that you can read and sign. Once the agreement is signed and in our office, we can take care of your quick cash loan. However you’re not under any obligation to accept our offer, so only sign the loan agreement if it is what you want.

Those are the quick and easy steps to getting pink slip loans in Kentucky! Get started now and we’ll give you our quick reply!

What is Necessary to Get Started with Quick Loans for Bad Credit?

There are a few documents and pieces of information you can round up so that the approval process will go faster. We don’t ask for anything complicated, so you don’t need to worry about getting involved with a lot of hassles or red tape. Remember that we are here to help you, not to keep you filling out needless bits of information!

Here are the requirements you will need when requesting personal loans for bad credit:

-First and foremost is your vehicle’s title –  It needs to be a legal and current title in your name. Take a few minutes to check your title, to be sure that it is properly registered in Kentucky and has your name written on it as the owner.

-Proof of your monthly income – You can provide us with recent bank statements, salary stubs or documents of other types of expected income. Consider attaching any pension payments, government deposits, such as from social security, or court documents that refer to your income. If you own your own business, you can submit your tax reports or bank statements.

-Verification of your Kentucky address – In order to show us proof that you live in the state of Kentucky, include a document or piece of mail addressed to you. Utility bills are good for this, if they are in your name. Credit card statements or your rental or mortgage contract is also good.

-A state or US government issued form of ID with a picture – Consider using your Kentucky driver’s license, a Kentucky state ID or a current passport.

-Recent pictures of your vehicle – Go out to your vehicle and take pictures from every angle so we can judge its exterior condition. Include the front, the back and the sides of your car. This will help us get a good idea of how it has been cared for.

With these documents, we will be able to provide you with a lending decision very quickly. You won’t have to wait for a long time to hear from us – you can expect a fast response!

Is it Important to Have a Bank Account When Requesting Installment Loans for Bad Credit in Kentucky?

Having a bank account can speed the loan process up and make the monthly payments more convenient. However, that being said, if there is some reason that you don’t have a personal bank account or you do not want one, we will help you find a way around that.

If you don’t have a checking account, then the option of directly depositing your loan funds into your bank account is not a possibility. In that case, you can choose to get the funds in one of the following methods:

-You can request that 5 Star Car Title Loans mail a check to your Kentucky residence.

-Pick up the cash from a local MoneyGram location.

-Call our office and speak to an agent about other pickup possibilities.

When it is time for you to begin making your monthly payments, you will also need to choose an alternative to a direct payment from your account. Here are some options that might be convenient:

-Mail your payment to a 5 Star Car Title Loans payment center.

-Visit one of our loan offices to pay by person.

-Call a loan agent to inquire about paying by phone.

Whatever your situation is, we want to help you find quick solutions! Contact us today for more information.

How Will I Know if My Vehicle Qualifies for Auto Title Loans in Kentucky?

When you send us your online inquiry form, we’ll let you know right away! We’ll check your car’s details, find out its value and let you know if it can be considered. When checking your car’s worth, these are the facts that we use:

-Your vehicle’s production year – what is the year?

-What kind of car is it? The make, model and its style will affect its value.

-How many miles has it been driven – does it make sense with the car’s year? Too many miles can reduce its value.

-We’ll use the photos you send to evaluate its current condition.

As you can imagine, the type of car you have and its present condition will be taken into account when checking how much it’s worth.

If you have not finished paying the monthly car payments, we will take that into account as well. When we realize how much equity is in your car, we can let you know if it is eligible for use as collateral.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Lending Decision?

We will take all of the information you give us into account when making a lending decision. If you manage to send in the required documents with your online inquiry form, the process will go more quickly. When we get the information we need, we can make the approval decision based on the following:

-The value of your car – This means that you have a car with good value and you can present the car’s title. The car must be registered in your name to be considered.

-Your ability to make the monthly payments – We will look at your list of income to determine your ability to pay. Be sure to send us a list of all expected income as well as proof, so we can verify it all quickly.

-Meeting our online credit criteria – Online loans are easier to get than traditional loans, and this is even true if you have a bad credit score.

When we evaluate these factors, we will send you a decision as quickly as possible!

Don’t delay! If you need money for any emergency, reach out to 5 Star Car Title Loans in Kentucky today!