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5 Star Car Title Loans in San Jose CA

Car Title Loans for Bad Credit Borrowers

Afraid you don’t qualify for a car title loan because your credit’s bad? Put that thought away. We may have the solution for you because sometimes we can offer credit for bad credit or no credit.

San Jose’s very own 5 Star Loans* is the ideal solution to a universal problem: how to get cash.  Good credit / bad credit / self-employed / previous repossession?  You may be driving the very answer to your cash crunch.  Car title loans are based on the value of your car, along with your ability to pay and our credit criteria.  We try to make our application process as simple and readable as we can.

Auto Title Loans in San Jose, California.

5 Star Loans* is your local title loans company in San Jose. We offer the possibility to apply for title loans to all the residents of San Jose who own cars with value and have the ability to pay, along with our criteria. Here at 5 Star Loans* we aim to provide instant cash, which is why we’ve started a journey to add more branches across California.

How Car Title in San Jose Works?

Car Title Loans in San Jose –  Online Service

Did you ever run into a situation where you were in desperate need for money and didn’t know where to get it? In this day and age, it’s very easy to get deep into debt in a short amount of time, but it’s not so easy to find a way out. In today’s society everything is fast paced. Our cash emergencies happen faster than ever and the reaction to them needs to be fast as well. Any number of things could go wrong that might wipe out your savings account and put you in the hole. It’s pretty scary, for instance, if you get laid off from your job and you need to hit the streets to find more work. Even if you get hired back or if you find a new job, it could mean a period of time without money coming in.

How can you survive without a salary? You still have rent to pay, kids to feed and bills to pay. In other situations, total emergencies might come up and slap you in the face. Totally unexpected expenses so of course you’re not prepared for them. These could be something as simple as replacing an appliance in your home, but how can you do that without money in your pocket? There are so many urgent needs that can arise, but 5 Star Car Title Loans* in San Jose is ready to try to assist you with your concern. We have a team of friendly and well qualified staff members who are just waiting to check if they can assist you with a personal loan.

Getting a title loan in an emergency shouldn’t take an incredibly long time. We know that you need the money quickly, so we get right on your application. During our regular office hours, someone from our staff will go over your application and get back to you as soon as possible. If your application is approved, you could get cash ranging from $2600 and up to $20,000. Getting a car title loan may assist you cover your current emergency expenses.

Get the Cash & Keep Driving Your Car

Almost everyone has money problems now and again. Our caring staff can walk you through the steps needed to get you started. If you qualify for a loan and are approved by our team, they will put together a payment plan that will be comfortable to you. After you send in your online request, we will review your information. However, besides on our criteria and of course your ability to pay, the most important step in considering your loan approval is evaluating your car. When you send in your loan application or fill out the forms in our office, be sure to give us the details of your car. Since our decision is based on your ability to pay (based on our criteria) and your car’s value, be sure the details are accurate. Be very precise about the number of miles your car has on the odometer, the year it was put on the road, the make and model and its overall condition. This is the info we’ll use to evaluate your auto.

The loan amount that we offer you will be based on your ability to repay the loan and on how much your car is worth according to our criteria. It could be as little as $2,600 but it could be as much as $20,000. And best of all, you can drive your auto while you are making the timely monthly loan payments. The amount of the loan based on our criteria, your ability to pay and the market value of the vehicle that is acting as the security for the loan, but your car will remain in your possession and you can drive it just like before while making payments according to the contract.  5 Star Loans* offers you San Jose’s title loan service. Call us now: (408) 260 9971 , Call now to be transferred to Montana Capital.

 Trusted Money Lender in San Jose, CA

If your car is paid off, or almost paid off, why not apply for a title loan plan and put cash in your pocket? If you have paid off the car and the car title is in your name, then you might be able to qualify for a car title loan. With your name on the title and your ability to pay, you can apply for a car title loan in San Jose, CA. Either come into our office today (Mon-Fri: 9am – 7pm, Sat: 10am – 4pm) or apply for a car title loan online. For many people, car title loans are a good way to get cash for any need. 5 Star Loans*-  Car title loan in San Jose, offers you: Useful Information– Supplying you with updated details & data concerning.

Car Title Loans San Jose Services:

  • Flexible – Opening Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 9am – 7pm
    Sat: 10am – 4pm
    Sunday: Closed
  • Staff- Our caring staff can walk you through the few steps needed, from the beginning to the end.
  • Available – Phones manned and office open, online forms and customer service!


Cash for All Applicants

There is no need to stress. We aim to offer personal loans for applicants who own a car with value and can pay back the loan according to the contract we agree on and our criteria. That’s right! You can have good credit or bad or no credit score and you can still send in your car title loan application. We understand that things can come up that give you a bad credit score, such as being between jobs for a period of time or some major expenses that were unexpected. But if you can arrive to one of our branches with your application for a title loan, we might be able to assist. You can have regular employment or be self-employed or you can have income from social security, disability, unemployment or retirement. The important thing is that you can repay the loan. As long as you are resident in the area and have a vehicle with a valid car title, you may be eligible for car title loans in San Jose. You have the option of applying either online or over the phone, the choice is yours. If you need a more flexible repayment schedule, we are open to negotiations to find the best solution for you. We will work together to try to give you the best solution to your need for urgent cash. So, How Do You Apply? Applying for auto title loans in San Jose – follow these few steps:

Submit an application over the phone or online via the web form:

  • Send in your application online or visit our offices to submit your application.
  • We will review your ability to pay according to our criteria and evaluate the current market value of your car.
  • If you got our approval, according to our criteria, we will work out the terms and conditions of the loan payback.
  • You will then sign the documentation and we will become the new lien holder on the vehicle.
  • You get the cash and can drive off in your car.

*5 Star Car Title* reserves the right to change the process according to the Company’s requirements!

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