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We are currently not providing car title loan services in this state. The information brought here is meant to explain in general terms what auto title loans are. You can still submit a loan request for installment loans with us.

Title Loans in Maine

Life never stays the same and even though you can’t escape from the tensions that it brings, a fishing trip can surely help.

Now, what happens when you desperately want to go on a trip but the funds in your account are less than you expected?

Those times need you to ask for monetary help so that your paycheck and pay date don’t control your lives. And while your friends can be of great help to you, you can also use your car to get some cash advance and enjoy your trip.

Car title loans in Maine are a faster, easier, and more affordable way to borrow money where you neither have to worry about your credit score nor you have to wait for days filling out applications.1

Learn about these effortless title loans with 5 Star Car Title Loans and know how they can really be handy in the rainy days.

Maine Car Title Loans: What Are They?

Auto title loans are collateral-based secured loans that facilitate people who are stuck in financial potholes to use their car title and get some instant cash.2

To apply for online title loans, Maine residents can approach a title loan lender and get their vehicle assessed to know whether their car qualifies and how much cash they can get for that

The advantage of choosing Maine title loans is that the borrowers can receive the money they need and keep driving the car while repaying the car title loan amount in installments.1

After the borrower pays back the lending amount and interest, the lender removes himself from the car title and they can get back the ownership of their vehicle.1

Here are some popular names people use for auto title loans:

  • Car Equity Loans
  • Vehicle Title Loans
  • Title Pawns
  • Auto Collateral Loans
  • Pink Slip Loans

What You Need To Be Approved For Car Title Loans, Maine?

In Maine, auto title loans are of great help and allow people to get money on very short notice without going through the annoyance of other traditional loans.

However, if you to make sure that you won’t face any inconvenience during the application process make sure you satisfy some essential conditions such as:1

  • Have valid proof of being older than 18 years during applying
  • Have a dependable income source to show that you can pay back the amount.
  • Have a residence in Maine to prove your address.
  • Have a clean and lien-free title of the car that you are using for the loan.

How Much Money Can I Get With Title Loans in Maine?

Now, car title loans are mainly collateral based which means factors such as minimum loan amount, interest rates can vary according to the car the applicant is using. Here are different factors on which the eligibility and loan terms vary for title loans in Maine.1

  • Your Ability to Repay
  • Your Income
  • Your Car’s Equity Value

Your income demonstrates your repaying ability and whether you can afford to take the loan or not. So, first of all, you need to maintain a steady income source that would show that you can pay back timely installments of these affordable title loans.

Your loan amount will be based on your income and the equity left in your car. The more the income and car equity, the easier for you to get online instant cash.1

What Documents Are Needed To Qualify For Affordable Title Loans, Maine?

Typically in Maine, title loan lenders ask for certain documents that they need to attach with your application and finalize your loan request. Carry these basic documents with yourself at the time of applying and you can easily get the money on the same day.

Car Title

To become an eligible candidate for a title pawn in Maine, applicants need to present a valid and lien-free registered car title to their name.

Proof Of Income

To prove their repaying ability, candidates can show their bank statements, income tax receipts, payslips, etc., and get approved for title loans in Maine.

Proof of Maine Residency

Locals can show their lease agreement, property tax receipt, or even electricity bill as valid proof of address while applying for a title loan in the cities of Louisiana.

Photo Identification

To take benefit of these online loans, applicants will also be asked to show a valid government or state ID such as a driver’s license, passport, etc.

Photos of the Car

As your car decides the amount of cash you can get, you’ll be required to mail the latest photographs of your vehicle (including VIN and odometer reading) to the lending company you are choosing for getting funds.


Depending on the loan agent you choose, borrowers can also be prompted to submit additional information in the form of professional/ personal references, etc.

Getting Online Title Loans in Maine With Bad Credit

We know that not all people have the perfect credit history that most loan companies ask for.

That’s why at 5 Star Car Title Loans, we extend our eligibility criteria beyond credit scores and help people to get emergency cash despite having troubled financial credit.

Applicants who present a qualifying car and showcase a secure ability to pay back the loan can apply for Maine title loans without thinking about their credit score.1

As long as their car has a good market value and they have positive equity in the vehicle, they stand a good chance to get fast cash loans.

Can I Get A Car Title Loan Without a 9-5 Job?


We at 5 Star Car Title Loans know that a standard job is not the only way to make money. If you make your living from alternate sources such as freelancing, dividend incomes or rentals, etc, you can still apply and get funded for a cash advance loan.1

In addition, even if you have recently suffered a medical injury or are already retired, our team can help you in getting approved for an auto title loan. Here are some of the other scenarios where people may get qualified for an auto title loan without having a 9-5 job at all.

  • Self-Employed
  • Savings In The Bank Account
  • Injured and On Worker’s Compensation
  • Getting Pension Income
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Severance Pay

Can I Keep Driving My Car Even After Getting A Car Title Loan?

Wherever you please!1

5 Star Car Title Loans don’t mandate people to submit their vehicle for availing an auto title loan for their sudden personal needs.

Therefore, as long as you make timely payments, your ride stays with you and you can drive wherever you want without any restrictions.4

Advantages of Choosing 5-Star Car Title Loans Services

Our team has been assisting residents across America to not panic and get extra cash to deal with their stressful bills. So, If you need a title loan, here are the great reasons how choosing our services can benefit you:

  • Transparent Application Process1
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Prepayment Penalties4
  • Quality Customer Service Executives
  • Bad Credit Loans1

Hurry and Apply Online To Get Same Day Cash!

Next time, you want to go somewhere or want to renovate the interior of your house, you don’t necessarily have to wait for your next payday.

Just give a call to the 5 Star team and they will assist you to get a personal loan while sitting at your home.