Car Title Loans in Ohio

Did you just get hit with some emergency expenses and bills and you don’t know how to handle them? You should know that as a resident of Ohio, you are entitled to request car title loans. They are quick and easy loans that use your car’s equity as loan collateral. The loan amount can vary, according to several factors, including the value of your vehicle. If you don’t have a car, you can use the value of your personal truck or motorcycle.

To find out how much cash you can get or if your vehicle as adequate value to get a secured loan, reach out to us today with your online inquiry form. At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Ohio, we provide title loans to qualifying Ohio residents. We do our best to offer fast and friendly service to any car owner in need of fast cash.

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

Anytime you need some extra cash and you own a vehicle, you have access to quick and easy cash loans in Ohio. That’s because you can apply online for a loan that will take advantage of your car’s value. Did you ever realize that your vehicle could be used for more than just transportation? It is the perfect asset to use when considering title loans.

As with any other type of title loan, a car title loan uses an asset that you own (your car) to give you a cash loan. As collateral for the secured loan, you would leave your car title. By submitting only your vehicle title, you are allowed to keep, drive and maintain your vehicle just as you do now.

With only a small investment of your time, which is usually less than 10 minutes, you can contact us at 5 Star Car Title Loans in Ohio and get started on your title loan. You will enjoy all the benefits of secured loans without the hassle of dealing with traditional loan options. Online loans are available all the time, so why not contact us now? To learn more about how title loans work, continue reading.

How Can I Begin with My Auto Title Loan in Ohio?

You won’t regret taking the first step to get your fast cash! Once you begin the online loan process, you’ll be surprised how quickly it will move along. Before you know it, you’ll have the urgent cash you need and be ready to spend it! In fact, after the final approval is signed, you might even get your emergency funds in one business day.

You can literally begin the quick process anytime, since it is all available online. So long as you have internet and an electronic device, you can fill in the request form and send it in to us. Use whatever device is easiest for you, whether it’s. your mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop PC.

Taking the first step towards title loans in Ohio:

Using your chosen digital device, go to the 5 Star Car Title Loans website. Open the inquiry form complete all the questions to the best of your ability and submit it. Don’t worry about the hour – anytime you send it to us is fine.

We’ll be very quick to process your title loan request. We’ll use the information provided on the inquiry form to confirm your identity and then we’ll go on to evaluate your auto.

Getting instant approval:

  • If your car has a high enough amount of equity
  • If you prove the ability to pay off the loan
  • If you meet our simple credit requirements

Using our lenient and flexible credit criteria, you could get instant approval. Give us a chance to review your request today. You could get the money you need for any emergency expense in one business day!

When we have the credit decision, we will contact you. Don’t worry about having to wait a long time for the initial lending decision, because the approval process goes very quickly. If you are approved for an online title loan, you will be able to sign a loan agreement to continue the loan process. We will guide you through every step until the end, when you get your loan proceeds.

When Getting a Title Loan in Ohio, Can I Keep My Car?

At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Ohio, we know that your car is a valuable asset. We will do everything we can to help you get a fast cash loan and also hang onto your vehicle. You will find out more when you apply online with your vehicle’s details. Basically, the way it works is that we only need your vehicle title to enable you to secure your loan.

Your car’s value or equity is what we use for collateral for your online title loan, but you won’t need to give up your car. You will be able to keep it with you during the entire loan term, while you send in your regular monthly payments according to the schedule you receive. So long as you are making your payments according to the terms of the final loan contract that you sign, the car stays in your driveway.

Drive your car, use your car and maintain your car while we keep your car title. The only thing you will not be able to do is sell your car. Until you’ve made the last car title loan payment, your title stays with. us. When finished with all your loan payments, we will gladly return your title to you, free and clear.

I Know That I Have a Bad Credit Score – Can I Get a Car Title Loan in Ohio?

No matter what your credit score is, you’ll find it easier to get a title loan in Ohio rather than a personal loan from many traditional loan options. If you want to get personal loans from a bank or loan office, for instance, you won’t get very far if you have a bad credit history. Since a bad credit history can give the impression that you haven’t been paying your bills on time, traditional lenders would prefer to not take that risk.

At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Ohio, we see bad credit types a little differently. First, you should know that we use more flexible credit criteria, so that users with various credit types can be approved for an instant loan. In addition to that we welcome all credit types, so any user with any credit history is eligible to send us an online inquiry for title loans in Ohio.

Give our loan agent a chance to review your auto title loan request, so that you can get the quick cash loan you need. Online title loans give everyone a chance to get fast help for any financial emergency.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Ohio Title Loans?

We will do most of the work on your behalf – all you need to do is send us your easy request for an urgent cash loan! If you are a resident of Ohio and you own a vehicle with good value, then let’s hear from you!

As you can see below, the online loan process is short and sweet. You don’t need to spend a lot of time filling out forms, signing a stack of documents or giving us your reasons for wanting to get loan proceeds quickly. Whatever you do with the money after you get it is your business, and not ours!

Beginning the quick online loan process:

There is only one step you need to take to get the ball rolling, and that is to send us an online request for an auto title loan. You can find the short inquiry form on the 5 Star Car Title Loans website at all times. Online title loans are ideal, because you can send your application anytime day or night – the site is always available for you. To apply online, any time and any day is good.

We’ll take care of processing your request when it comes in. We’ll need to check the following:

  1. Does your car have the necessary value to use as loan security?
  2. Is your income sufficient to cover the monthly loan payments?
  3. Do you meet our easy credit criteria?

When we determine that you meet the above basic requirements, we will move on to the final step in your loan process.

If you received a loan agreement to review and sign, then your loan request has been accepted. Now it’s your chance to read the terms of the agreement and decide if the loan terms and the amount are suitable to your critical cash needs. If you want to go ahead with the loan process and get your cash, the only thing left for you to do is sign the loan agreement and send it back to us!

With your signed loan agreement, we will finish processing your cash loan. You’ll receive the final contract along with a monthly payment schedule. There are no surprises and no hidden fees with title loans in Ohio. When the loan proceeds are available, you will be contacted.

How Much Cash Can I Get with a Title Loan in Ohio?

The loan amount with a title loans in Ohio varies due to several factors. When you need cash for any reason, you can send us your online inquiry form and we will check your eligibility and the minimum loan amount you can get, depending on the car you own and other factors.

Here is how the loan amount is determined:

  1. The amount of equity you have built up in a vehicle that you own – the vehicle is not limited to cars – you can also send us information on a truck or a motorcycle that you own. For whatever vehicle you choose, you must be able to present your vehicle’s title in your name that is registered in the state of Ohio.
  2. The amount of income you receive each month – we will look at every source of income that you send us, so be sure to write in all your income and proof of each one. We will evaluate the loan amount that you can manage each month, according to your income. Obviously, the higher amount of income you receive will help determine how much cash you can get..
  3. Meeting our credit criteria – we use a very flexible form of credit criteria, to give you the best possible chance at loan approval. Whatever your credit history is, you still might be approved for a title loan. Secured loans in Ohio can be easier to meet our credit criteria.

Whatever the loan amount is that you need to cover your emergency expenses or urgent bills, we want to help. Send us your online inquiry form anytime day or night and let’s get started!

Do I Need My Vehicle’s Title for a Secured Loan in Ohio?

With a car title loan in Ohio, we use your car’s title as collateral for your quick and easy loan. Without the vehicle’s title, you cannot be eligible for a title loan in Ohio. However, let us know how we can help. In most cases, a visit to your local Department of Motor Vehicles is all that is needed to take care of your title issues.

Tpeo obtain a secured loan that uses your car title as collateral, it needs to be registered in the state of Ohio and it must be in your own name, since you are the owner of the vehicle. You can’t get a title loan if the title isn’t in your legal name. To save time down the road, with loan processing, check that you have a valid vehicle title before sending in your request for an auto title loan.

Preparing your vehicle’s title for use as collateral in a title loan:

  • Your legal name as owner – You must be the legal owner of your car. If your name does not appear on the title, go to the DMV for help. If you recently purchased the car, maybe the title didn’t get transferred to your name. When you go, take all the supporting documents that will prove who you are and that you own the vehicle. You might need to take such items as a photo ID and a bill of sale.
  • Valid registry in Ohio – As a resident of Ohio, confirm that your vehicle has a proper registration. If you are a new Ohio resident and haven’t registered your vehicle yet, now is the time to do it. Take all of your documentation to the DMV for help with this.
  • Lost or damaged vehicle’s title – Take whatever documents you have and some money to pay a fee to the DMV. Explain your situation and ask how they can help you get a replacement. If you have a vehicle’s title that is damaged, you can take that with you for a quick replacement title. If it’s been lost or stolen, it might take a bit more time and extra documentation. If it was stolen and you have a police report, that could be helpful.

Whatever help you need with updating your car title, you can call us at 5 Star Car Title Loans for helpful hints and suggestions. Let us hear from you today!

What Are the Options Available for Getting My Emergency Funds in Ohio?

After you’ve gone through the auto title loan process and you signed off on the final contract, you can prepare for getting your cash. With final approval, you will be able to select the option most convenient for you to get your money. If the methods listed below aren’t suitable to your situation, discuss other possibilities with your loan agent.

Cash collection possible options:

  • Get a check mailed to your Ohio residence
  • Arrange a direct deposit into your account
  • Request a money transfer
  • Go to a MoneyGram location in person to get the cash

These are the standard methods that users receive their money. For other possibilities for picking up your cash, speak to your loan agent. We will do everything we can to help you get the money you need quickly and conveniently!

How Do I Know if I Own a Qualifying Vehicle for an Ohio Title Loan?

Qualified borrowers can use their clear vehicle title as collateral for secured loans if the vehicle has adequate value. If you own a junker and want to use that to get a title loan in Ohio, you probably will not succeed. The vehicle you use as collateral needs to have decent equity left in it, so an old junker would probably not be accepted.

To use your vehicle’s equity for an Ohio car title loan, we will evaluate the following:

  • Your car’s model and style
  • How many miles it’s been driven
  • The vehicle’s age
  • How much your car is valued at, and how much equity there is
  • Which make your car is
  • Your vehicle’s general condition

We will check Kelly Blue Book for used cars to get its current value. Some car models are more in demand than others, so we will use the information you supplied to check your specific car. To check the car’s condition, we might request that you send us current pictures of the interior and exterior of the car. This will help us evaluate if there are dents and scratches on the exterior, if the upholstery looks worn or ripped and if any of the mirrors are broken.

Whatever value we determine your car is worth, the loan amount will coincide. If your car turns out to be very valuable with high equity, you might be able to get the maximum loan amount.

When I Accept a Title Loan in Ohio, Do I Need to Worry About Hidden Fees?

Many borrowers are afraid of hidden fees in a loan contract, but with 5 Star Car Title Loans in Ohio, you don’t need to worry. There are no hidden fees with our title loans in Ohio. We want you to get good service and be pleased with your title loan experience.

If you want to prepay your title loan, that is also allowed. We do not charge fees for prepayment of your title loan and there aren’t hidden fees. Whatever charges and fees you will need to pay are all clearly listed on the final loan agreement that you sign.

When I Sign the Final Title Loan Contract and Get My Money, What Can I Use it For?

One of the most popular reasons that Ohio residents prefer title loans is that you can use the money for anything you please! Unlike other options with traditional bank loans, there are no restrictions on how you should use your money. Whatever your reasons are for requesting auto title loans, we are here to help.

We don’t ask why you need emergency cash loans, but here are some of the suggested uses:

-Paying for emergency repairs to your home – this can save even more costly repairs later!

-Covering hospital or doctor bills after a recent illness

-Planning an important family event, such as a special birthday celebration or college graduation

-Getting rid of credit card bills by paying them all off, once and for all

-Getting by with basic needs until the next paycheck arrives

There is no limit to what you can use your emergency funds for, so use them for anything you need!

How Do I Make the Title Loan Payments?

When your cash is ready to be picked up, you will be advised and given options as to how you can get it. As far as the loan repayment process goes, you will also have some options to choose from. We recommend that you select the payment option that is most convenient for you.

In most cases, the first loan payment is due 30 days after final loan approval. So that you will be ready with your on time payment, discuss the payment method that you choose with your loan agent beforehand.

Select from these loan payment options:

-Send a check or money order to a specified payment center

-Call our customer service center to pay by credit card

-Go online to pay through your account

-Set up an automatic payment system from your bank account

If you need other payment options, ask your loan agent for suggestions.

What Are the Requirements for Requesting Title Loans in Ohio?

There are a few basic requirements when you complete your online inquiry form for an Ohio car title loan. It’s a good idea to prepare these basic documents and information needed beforehand, so the loan approval process will go faster and more smoothly. If any extra documents are needed, your lender will send you a request.

Basic title loan requirements:

A valid government issued form of ID with a photo, such as an Ohio driver’s license, a Ohio state ID or a US passport.

Updated vehicle’s title for the vehicle you are using as loan collateral. It needs to be registered in Ohio and have your legal name on it – the same name as on your photo ID

The exact address of your Ohio place of residence

Your personal bank account information

Your monthly income, with documents (such as bank statements or paycheck stubs) that will prove each source of income. Add any alternative income as well

A description of the vehicle that you own, with the model, make and year so we can confirm the vehicle’s equity.

This is all that is needed to get started with a car title loan. Send in your online request today and we will provide a quick response.

Is it Important to Have a Bank Account When Applying for Title Loans?

A bank account will help you in two ways. First it will give us a place to deposit your title loan funds, so that you can get to them quickly and easily. Secondly, it will give you an easy method of managing your monthly loan payments.

In addition to making payback easier, it can actually save you money! When you set up an automatic payment system through your bank, you won’t need to ever worry about forgetting to send in your monthly payment on the due date. It will be sent electronically on the date that you specify, which will avoid late fees and penalties. It will also help your credit score by always making your payment on time!

If you don’t have an account, speak with a loan agent about other options.

What if I Haven’t Finished Paying Off My Car? Can I Still Qualify for a Title Loan?

The requirement is that you must own the vehicle to have your name on the vehicle’s title. However, if you are only a few payments short of paying off your vehicle, we might be able to help.

Send us the details of your car and how many payments you have remaining. If we can help you manage the last payments, then you can get the title transferred to your name and be eligible for a title loan in Ohio.

Check with your loan agent today about how that works.

If You Need Quick Cash Today, Request Your Car Title Loan Today!

Whatever financial emergency you are experiencing today, we want to help you overcome it with a quick cash loan. At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Ohio, we have agents standing by ready to review your request and give you a fast lending decision. Whatever your situation is and for whatever reason you need money now, let us help!

Our loan services are online, so anytime you have a spare 10 minutes, you can reach out to us with your online inquiry form. We will process your request quickly, so you won’t have to wait around for a decision regarding loan approval. Remember that you can apply from your own home at any hour of the day or night! That’s the beauty of online title loans!

Get started on your path to cash today. We’re waiting to see how we an help you!