In these trying times, it can be easy to slip into a money crisis. For people who can usually keep up on their bills and keep everything paid on time, it can be frustrating to suddenly run out of money with no place to turn. It’s possible that at 5 Star Car Title Loans in Georgia that we will be able to help you out with a fast title loan. A title loan is simply a type of personal loan that uses one of your valuable assets as loan security. By using your car’s title as collateral for your loan, you can get a secured loan to use for anything you need. If you have urgent expenses with no money to take care of them or if there are medical bills piling up – don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your request for an online title loan in Georgia.

Auto title loans use your car’s equity, or its value, as loan security. By using only the equity you have built up in the vehicle, you can keep your car. It’s only the car title that we need to keep. This gives you complete freedom to drive your car around town or wherever you need to go. When the vehicle’s title is no longer needed to secure your loan, it is given back to you. This happens when the loan is completely paid off.

Car title loans in Georgia can be a really good solution to your money problems today – whatever they are! Avoid the complications of traditional loans and go the online route – with 5 Star Car Title Loans. We’re waiting to help you get the cash you need for any purpose!

How Can I Request a Title Loan in Georgia?

Requesting online title loans from 5 Star Car Title Loans in Georgia can be a breeze! It only takes a few minutes to fill in the form and you can do it anytime of the day or night! Whatever your urgent needs are, let us help you with quick, online loans! To get started, all you need is ownership of a vehicle with value and a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Connect to the internet and go to our website to see the inquiry form. As a resident of Georgia, you can access our online inquiry form now and get a fast lending decision.

Here are the steps to getting your online loan:

Begin by opening the 5 Star Car Title Loans website. Fill in the quick and short inquiry form with your personal details and submit it to us. You will be asked to give some information regarding the vehicle that you own.

Our staff will review your inquiry and check out your details. We’ll evaluate the auto that you own, your income level and your ability to pay. After running your information through our flexible credit criteria, we can give you a lending decision.

If your request is pre-approved, you’ll receive a draft of a loan offer to sign. Take the necessary time to read it and comprehend the details and terms of the loan. If it’s something that you want, then sign it and return it to our office. You can send us the title to your vehicle and we will prepare your money.

When you get the money, it’s yours to keep and spend. We won’t tell you how you should spend it or what to do with it – so use it for anything you need.

What Are the Requirements for Requesting Car Title Loans in Georgia?

When you’re ready to reach out to us for a car title loan in Georgia, there are some documents and information you can prepare beforehand. If you spend a few minutes pulling these items together, filling in your inquiry form will take less than 10 minutes! Don’t worry though, because nothing is complicated or messy. We only need to know a bit of information about you, your financial situation and the car that you own.

Prepare these documents for your online request form:
Information regarding the car that you own:




-Odometer reading

-Exterior condition

-Interior condition

-General condition – has it been well-kept?

This is what we’ll use to find out how much your car is worth. The amount of your car title loan will be directly related to how much equity you have in your auto and its current street value. You may be asked to send photos of the car as well.

Photo ID – you’ll need to attach a Georgia driver’s license, a Georgia state ID with your photo or a copy of your passport for identification purposes.

Personal details regarding your bank account, with the bank branch and your account number. This is for transferring money into your account or to use when making your monthly payments. If you don’t have a bank account, let our agents know.

The address of your current residence in Georgia.

A valid email account, so we can communicate with you easily and quickly.

Your monthly income – write a list of every place where you get money from, such as your job, government programs, a divorce settlement. Be prepared to send proof of income, which can be pay  stubs or bank statements.

Besides those minimal requirements, you’ll also need to have access to your car title. Your name must be on the title as the owner of the vehicle.

How Can I Update My Car Title to Use it for a Car Title Loan in Georgia?

Getting a car title loan can be a great solution to solving your urgent cash needs. You can get quick approval, fast cash and then use it to cover any emergency expenses that are waiting. Whatever your  needs are, a quick, online loan can be the answer. However, to get a car title loan, you need to be the owner of the car and you need to have the title with you. If approved for the loan and you accept it, you will need to turn your title over to us in order to get the cash.

Your title must be up to date and have your name written on it as the legal owner. Your name needs to be correct and it must be registered in the state of Georgia. If you have any problems with this, or if you can’t find your title because it’s been lost or damaged, go to the Department of Motor Vehicles for help. You can also contact our office for suggestions on how to update your car title to be used as collateral for a title loan.

Who Can Help Me Correct the Name on My Car Title?

If your name is spelled wrong or if it isn’t on your title at all, you will need to visit the DMV in your area. Your legal name must be on the title as the car’s current owner. If you bought the car from someone else, but the name on the title was never changed, you can do it now. When you go to the DMV for help with your title, there are a few documents you should take with you:

A photo ID of yourself, so you can be identified.

Copy of your sales contract, to show that you bought the car.

Proof of your residence in Georgia.

Money to pay if there is a fee.

When you have the legal title in your name, send us your online request for a title loan, using your title as loan security. We’ll be happy to review your request and provide you with a fast answer.

Is There a Way to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit?

The type of personal loan you want to get can depend on your situation. If you go to a traditional lender, you should have a really good credit score. These types of lenders, such as a bank, aren’t interested in approving loans for users with a bad credit score. A personal loan that is possible for you could be an online car title loan. These loans for bad credit in Georgia are open to any consumer with any type of credit background. Even for bad credit types, the risk is greatly reduced because they are loans that are secured with your car title.

If you have a bad credit score but you need money urgently, send in your online quick request to 5 Star Car Title Loans. As long as you own a car, you are welcome to contact us for a title loan. We will evaluate your car and your situation so that we can give you a fast answer regarding loan approval. It won’t take more than a few minutes of your time to contact us, and you won’t be under any obligation to accept an offer unless you want to. With online loans, you don’t need to wait for specific office hours or days, because you can send your request any time. We’re looking forward to helping you with a bad credit loan in Georgia!

How Will I Know if My Request for an Online Title Loan in Georgia is Approved?

Bad credit loans are easy to request and you can expect a fast reply  from a member of our staff. With personal loans for bad credit, you can get fast cash to help you get through the month until your next paycheck arrives. When you get approval, you’ll only need to sign the contract and send your legal car title to us. There are a few facts that we check before we can approve your request, and then we can send you our lending decision.
Approval for secured loans are subject to:
The current value of your car and the equity you have already built up. This means that we will check the condition of your car, the type of car and the current value. If you owe payments, then we will need to evaluate the equity, which is the difference between what you owe and the car’s value. The car needs to be valuable enough that we can use its title as loan security.

Your details need to meet our credit criteria. You’ll be glad to know that the credit criteria for getting online loans is more flexible than the criteria of traditional loans. It will be easier for you to get an online loan if you have a poor credit rating. In addition, since you are offering your car title as loan security, your request will have reduced risk and make it easier to get approval.

The amount of money you earn each month is a factor, since your income needs to be adequate to manage yet one more monthly payment! When you prepare the list of income that you expect to receive each month, include every source. The higher your income is, the easier it will be for you to get loan approval.

After we evaluate the 3 points mentioned above, we can send you our lending decision. Don’t worry – this won’t take very long! Then, if you decide to accept our loan offer, you can sign the contract, turn in your car title to us and get your cash! In some cases, you can even get the money within one business day!

Remember, with online car title loans, it’s only the car’s title that we need to keep with us. Your car stays with you, so you can use it for anything you need. Keep the car in your own driveway so you can get to work, take the kids to school, go shopping or do errands. Whatever you need your car for is fine, because it’s with you! Send us your title and after you make all your title loan payments, we’ll be happy to return it to you, free and clear.
Let’s get started on your loan request today! Send us your online inquiry form for a fast lending decision and enjoy cash in your pocket!