Car Title Loans in Oklahoma

Getting car title loan in Oklahoma can be an easy way to ease your financial emergency with a fast cash advance. If you are a resident of Oklahoma and you own a car, a title loan could be a quick solution to your money problems. And let’s face it – as great as it is to live in Oklahoma, life can get expensive. You can easily run out of cash before your next salary is due, or you can run into cash problems at the doctor’s office when you need to pay for an unexpected service.

If you live in Oklahoma and you own your own vehicle, we hope to hear from you today! Send us your online inquiry form for car title loans in Oklahoma and we will give you a fast reply. If you get pre approval for your car title loan, you could get instant cash before you know it! Our title loan services are online, so wherever you are right now, whether you’re in your home, at your job or on the road, you can hook up to the internet and contact us.

Online title loans services are available all the time, so there’s not a reason to wait until traditional office hours or weekdays to get started on your car title loan. We’re ready to serve you now!

Why Are Car Title Loans in Oklahoma Different from Payday Loans?

If you’re stuck without cash between paychecks and you’re thinking of requesting a cash advance or a payday loan, you might be wondering how they differ from auto title loans. It’s important to understand that payday loans and a cash advance are both types of unsecured personal loans. If you own a vehicle and have the vehicle title, you can use that title to get a car title loan.

With title loans in Oklahoma, you can use your vehicle’s equity to get secured loans. When you get secured loans in Oklahoma, you can expect to get a longer payback term and larger loan proceeds. Instead of your loan amount being based solely on your next paycheck, as with payday loans, a title loan is based, among other factors, on the vehicle’s equity. If you own a valuable car, you could get a bigger loan amount.

Apply Now for Quick Cash!

It’s your choice, but with an Oklahoma title loan, you can put your car to work for you! Just to be clear, you do not have to forfeit your vehicle with title loans in Oklahoma. It is only your car title that is required as collateral. Why not get started now? Send us your online request for a title loan today!

How Do Title Loans Work?

Online car title loans are similar to personal loans, but they are secured by the value of your automobile or other qualifying vehicle. Unlike traditional loans, they have all the benefits of secured loans. Keep in mind that so long as you are making your loan payments according to the schedule, you will not need to forfeit your car.

To get started with title loans Oklahoma, you first need to contact us with a request. You can find the inquiry form on the 5 Star Car Title Loans website. Then we would use that information to find out if you can pre qualify for a fast cash loan. If you are pre approved we’ll send you a loan offer to sign.

Sign your offer, submit your vehicle title to us as collateral and we’ll prepare your loan amount. When you get your money, go ahead and spend it on anything you want to. After 30 days you start paying back the loan and when finished, you can retrieve your car title, clean and clear.

Are there Required Documents to Submit with My Online Title Loan Inquiry Form?

Yes, there are a few required documents that you will need to submit with your online request. We need documents that prove who you are and which car you own. From there, we can give you a preliminary lending decision. If your vehicle is paid off or close to being paid off, you might be able to get instant approval!

Submit these required documents with your request:

Your Oklahoma vehicle title loan, for the vehicle that you want to use as loan security. Locate your title to confirm that you can get to it easily. Check the name, to be sure that it is your name and that it is spelled correctly. Also confirm that you have registered your vehicle in the state of Oklahoma. If you see any problems that might arise from your car title, take the time now to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. A legal title in your name will help the loan process go much more quickly..

-An ID with your picture on it. Any government issued ID will suffice, so you can use your driver’s license, your Oklahoma state ID card or a valid passport.

-Your personal bank account details. With an active bank account, you can easily receive your loan proceeds when they are ready. A bank account also makes it easier for you to make your monthly payments. It can even save you money on late fees and penalties when you prepare an automatic payment system through your account.

-The place of residence in Oklahoma and a valid email address.

-Some basic details of the car that you own. Let us know what type it is, the model, make and year so we can get a glimpse of its current value. If you have some photos of the interior and exterior, it will help us get a better idea of its condition.

-Your present monthly income. To ascertain your ability to pay for the loan, send us a list of the money you expect to receive each month along with proof. You can send bank statements or pay stubs as proof of income.

Take the extra time to prepare the necessary documents before you apply online, to save time. If your have the required documents ready, the complete application process won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time! With this information provided, you should be able to get a very fast decision regarding loan approval.

Can I Get a Title Loan in Oklahoma with a Bad Credit History?

If you have a bad credit history or history of not paying your bills on time, you will have a harder time getting a more traditional type of personal loan. With your poor credit score, many lenders will not want to take on the added risk of non-payment. The situation with title loans services is different.

Loans in Oklahoma that use your title as loan security are less risk for the lender and therefore, easier to get with a bad credit score. Unlike unsecured loans, using your car title as collateral for an online title loan in Oklahoma lowers your risk and can make it easier. The credit criteria used for online title loans is more flexible and lenient in the cases of a bad credit score.
All credit types welcome!
All credit types are invited to send in an online inquiry form for auto title loans in Oklahoma. We will evaluate your request and provide you with a fast lending decision.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approval for Car Title Loans in Oklahoma?

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get title loan approval when you apply online. Prepare the required documents and send in your online request anytime you could use some emergency funding for any financial emergency you are experiencing today.

You can expect a fast lending decision. After getting final approval of your title loan request, it is sometimes possible to get the money in as little as one business day.

How Do I Know if My Request for Emergency Funding Will Be Approved?

There are a few factors that go into the final approval of title loans in Oklahoma. We try to evaluate your request quickly, so that you won’t have to spend time waiting for a lending answer. Plan to have your legal vehicle title, your list of income and any details regarding your vehicle ready, so the approval process will go fast.

Your title loan approval and amount is based on:

-Your vehicle. The vehicle that you want to use as collateral for an online title loan needs to have enough available equity. We will check your vehicle according to the specs that you give us, including your car’s model, its make and style, the general condition both inside and out, its age and how many miles are on the odometer. Of course, your vehicle title must be valid and registered in Oklahoma.

-Your income. To confirm that you will be able to handle the extra monthly title loan payments, we will evaluate your ability to pay according to your income. We need a list of everyplace where you get income, such as all of your jobs, your government subsidies, social security payments, workman’s comp and child support. The higher your income, the more you will be approved for.

-Fitting into our credit criteria. We use a simple credit criteria, which makes it easier for online title loan requests to be approved. Even if you have a low FICO rating, you still might be approved for emergency funding using our criteria.

After checking your situation, your income and vehicle, we will be able to provide you with an answer to loan approval. When you are approved and receive a loan offer, you’ll be able to see if you can get the minimum loan amount or a larger loan amount, depending on your circumstances.

Do I Need a Bank Account for a Title Loan?

While it is more convenient to manage your loan deposits and monthly payments with a personal bank account, it might be possible to get loan approval without a bank account. You can speak with your lender for other options. In general, most lenders will expect borrowers to have a bank account.

Can I Get a Title Loan if My Car is Not Paid Off?

You need to own a vehicle to get a vehicle title loan. The title needs to be clean and clear and have your name on it as the legal owner. If you have not finished making all the payments and you have a few left, we might be able to work out loan approval. Speak with your lender regarding your loan options in this situation.

Can I Still Keep Driving My Car with a Car Title Loan in Oklahoma?

When you get a title loan in Oklahoma, you do not need to give up your car. The way title loans services work is that only your vehicle title is necessary when using your auto’s value as loan security. Your car can remain in your possession during the entire repayment period. However, the car must be paid off and in your own name. If your vehicle title is clean and clear, we will keep it while you make the monthly title loan payments.

Keep your car in your own garage, take it out whenever you need to drive it without restrictions. When you finish making all the payments, you are free to retrieve your title.

When I Receive My Emergency Funding, What Can I Spend it On?

At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Oklahoma, we don’t like to tell consumers how to spend their money. If you apply online for a title loan in Oklahoma and are approved, it doesn’t matter how much cash you get – it is yours to spend as you wish.

Surely you have a list of urgent expenses, emergency bills or other needs for quick cash. You know your situation better than we do, so use your own judgement when it comes to using your online title loan funds.Many users have told us what they will use the money for, when they get it.

Typical uses for emergency funding often falls in these categories:

-Paying off the total amounts on bills so they will have an easier time with monthly payments.

-Covering expenses for an important family event or celebration

-Getting by with basic expenses covered until their next paycheck comes in

-Managing emergency medical expenses, doctor’s bills or payment for prescription medicines

Whatever you choose to spend the money from a car title loan on is totally up to you. We will help you get the money you need anytime you send us your online inquiry form for a title loan in Oklahoma.
My Car Title Is Not in My Name. Can I Still Use it for a Car Title Loan?
You vehicle title must be in your name to use it for a car title loan. If you are not the owner of the car, motorcycle or truck, you cannot use it as collateral for a title loan. If you bought the car from someone else but did not yet transfer the title, you can go to the DMV before requesting your title loan in Oklahoma.

If your car is in your spouse’s name, the vehicle must be transferred to your name. If it is in your name and your spouse’s name, speak with your lender about how to use the title as security for car title loans.

If for some reason your car is not registered in Oklahoma, the DMV can help you with that too. Take a piece of mail or utility bill with you, which shows your name and address at your Oklahoma place of residence. If for some reason a new title needs to be issued, there might be a fee involved. To be on the safe side, take some cash or some method of payment, so you don’t have to go back.

Can I Pay Back My Car Title Loan in Oklahoma Before it Is Due?

Whenever you are able to finish paying off your online title loan, you should go ahead and do it. The sooner you are free from monthly payments, the better off you’ll be, right? We do not add on a prepayment fee to anyone who wants an early pay off. Discuss the option with your lender to get the final pay off loan amount.

There are no hidden fees in your title loan contract when you work with 5 Star Car Title Loans in Oklahoma. The total amount you are expected to pay will be clearly listed on your final loan contract.

When My Cash Is Ready, How Can I Collect It?

There are different options available for getting your fast cash when it is ready for you. Remember that it can be ready in as little as one business day following your final loan approval!

You should discuss the pick up options available to you, but generally speaking, these are the most common methods of getting title loan cash:

Pick it up in person at any MoneyGram location in Oklahoma

Get a check in the mail – to your Oklahoma address

Ask for a direct deposit of the loan funds into your account.

What Are My Options for Repaying My Loan?

When you get your final title loan approval, you will receive a payment schedule. According to that schedule, you can begin repaying your loan 30 days after your final approval. You will have a few payment methods to choose from, so select the option that is the most convenient for you.

The important point regarding repayment of the loan is that the monthly payments always arrive on or before the date due on your contract. When they are completely paid back, you will get your title free and clear so that you will be finished.

Loan payment options:

-Set up a direct payment plan with your bank.

-Send us a check to an authorized 5 Star Car Title Loans payment center.

-Pay online through your account.

-Visit a participating storefront in person to pay by cash.

-Pay over the phone by using a credit card or a personal check.

These are the standard options, but feel free to reach out to your loan agent if you prefer a different payment method.

What Are the Steps to Getting a Quick Title Loan in Oklahoma?

When you have your required documents, a valid car title and other information ready, you can take a few minutes to send us your online inquiry form. In less than 10 minutes, you can be finished!

Steps to Online Title Loans

-Go to the 5 Star Car Title Loans website to fill in the quick online inquiry form.

-A loan agent will review your request for a car title loan and give you a fast lending decision.

-If pre approved, you will receive a loan offer to sign. Sign the offer, submit your car title as loan security and get your cash.

If it sounds simple, it is! You can begin the loan process anytime from anywhere, using our convenient, online loan service.

Are You Ready to Get Cash Now?

Send us your online request for a car title loan now, and let’s get started on your quick cash! Oklahoma title loans are available now!