Auto Title Loans in Texas

If you’re one of the Texas residents who have found themselves in a financial crisis, we want to help you with a car title loan. Texas title loans are simply a type of online loan based on your car’s value.

If you own a vehicle and you have the vehicle title, you can request an online title loan. You can use the title of an automobile, a motorcycle or a truck if the vehicle has adequate equity.

You must be the owner of the vehicle that you want to use, so that your name will be on the vehicle title. If the title is free and clear, it won’t take long to process your loan approval for quick cash. Whatever unexpected expense you are facing today, let us help!

With the loan proceeds, you can cover your unexpected expense, pay for bills that are due or whatever else you need fast cash for today! We are here to help you – your online lenders!

How Much Cash Can I Get with a Texas Title Loan?

That is a common question when asking about title loans, but you can only find out how much cash you can get after you send in an application. There are several factors that go into the lending decision, but basically, to be approved for a title loan, you need the following:
Main points for determining quick approval and minimum loan amount:

Proof of income.

Car with adequate value with a legal and valid vehicle title for the car.
Conform to our simple credit criteria.

If all of your basic documents are in order and we can confirm the above factors, you could receive loan approval. With loan approval and a loan offer, you can see how much cash the title loan would be for.

For more details, send us your online inquiry form today and begin the quick loan process.

How Can I Spend My Loan Proceeds?

Whether you are granted title loan approval for the minimum loan amount or the maximum loan amount, the money will absolutely belong to you when you get it! When the loan funds are in your personal bank account, we do not put any rules or restrictions on how you should spend them.

While we don’t advise anyone on how they should spend their money, we have been told by other users how they use the funds from title loans. We don’t ask why you need the title loan, so you never need to reveal your personal financial crisis.

Ways others often use title loans:

Paying for bills that are due soon, to avoid late fee penalties
Covering unexpected medical expenses
Managing emergency expenses for home repair work
Getting rid of credit card bills by paying off the entire loan amounts
Taking care of a personal family issue

Whatever your need for urgent cash is today, we hope we can help you with a title loan. Ease your financial stress by sending us your online application for a title loan today!
What is the Application Process to getting an Auto Title Loan in Texas?
One of the popular benefits of title loans is that they are online loans. When Texas residents want to apply for title loans, they only need to go online to do so. This is great news, because it means that you don’t even need to go anywhere to send us your online application for a Texas title loan!

Like other online lenders, the 5 Star Car Title Loans website is available 24/7. This makes it easy for you to send us your title loan request. We don’t care if you send us your online request for title loans in the middle of the night or mid day – we want to hear from you anytime!

We are not a lender of traditional loans, where you need to make appointments, visit us in an office during business hours or wait for a title loan decision. Get started anytime you need extra cash in your pocket!

Taking the first step to title loans:

Anytime you have a few spare minutes, it’s enough to get started with your title loan application. If you fill in the blanks as required with the requested documents, you could get quick approval and go on to the next step.

To get started on your title loan, you can use any digital device that is convenient for you. Consider using your PC, your tablet or even your mobile phone, if you can connect it to internet.

Step 1

After going to the 5 Star Car Title Loans website, you can enter the online inquiry form. Fill in all the blanks with the necessary information and then hit the submit button. Be sure to attach any required documents, so you won’t have to waste time in the loan evaluation process.

Step 2

After a quick credit review, we will be able to determine your eligibility for title loans. We will contact you as quickly as possible with our lending decision, so that you can make plans. At the same time, we’ll forward a loan offer to you, which should answer your question of, “How much cash can I get?”

You can decide for yourself if you agree with the loan agreement and want to continue with the final approval. If you decide to take the offer and get the cash, just sign it and return it to our office. We will get started on the preparation of your cash.

Step 3

If you choose to accept the cash loan, you will be required to submit your valid car title to us before taking the funds. When we have your car title and you have received the final title loan approval, you can get the money. Your loan agent will go over the options with you, so you can choose the most convenient way of getting the cash.

When Do I Begin Making Title Loan Payments?

In general, 30 days after you received final approval for your title loan, you will need to make the first loan payment. From them on, your monthly payments are due on the same due date each month.
To send us your monthly loan payment, you can normally choose from the following options:

Mail a check to our designated payment center, given to you by your loan agent.
Set up an electronic loan payment through your bank account, that will be automatically sent each month on the day it’s due.
Pay in person at a participating store front or go to a MoneyGram location near your home in Texas.

There may be other options available, so you can discuss your monthly loan payment with your lender. Whatever option you choose for your monthly payments, be sure to send them in according to the date that is stipulated on your title loan contract..

Are Loans in Texas Available for Bad Credit Types?

At 5 Star Car Title Loans, we are more concerned about your current financial situation than your past credit history. Whatever your credit background is, whether good or bad, we welcome your online application.

With title loans, we evaluate your eligibility by using our flexible credit criteria. The criteria used for online loan approval is easier than with traditional loans, so even if you have bad credit, you will have a better chance of getting an online title loan than the old fashioned type of bank loan. If you have less than perfect credit, you are invited to reach out to us with your application!

When we review your online request form, we will look at your whole financial picture to make a fair lending decision. This makes it possible for consumers with a bad credit score to get conditional approval of a title loan. For online title loans, you do not necessarily have to have a perfect credit score.

After confirming your proof of income, if you can demonstrate ability to pay, your vehicle as the required amount of equity and you meet our simple credit criteria, you could get quick approval for a title loan.

Find out more by sending in your online application for a title loan today!
What Are the Required Documents for Title Loans in Texas?
When you’re ready to send us your request for a title loan, there are a few required documents that you can prepare that will save time when processing your loan request. They are basic documents or information that you have in your home or car, so don’t worry about spending a lot of time looking for paperwork or personal information.

Here is what you’ll need when sending us your title loan request:

Vehicle title of your qualifying vehicle – Take a look at it to be sure that your vehicle is properly registered in the state of Texas, that your full legal name is written as the sole owner and that all the information regarding your car, truck or motorcycle is correct. If your car’s title is not up to date, make a quick visit to your local DMV.

Information and details regarding the vehicle you want to use as title loan security – This should include the make of your vehicle, the model and year. Also include details such as the car’s style and its overall condition. For proof of its condition, include a few current photos of your vehicle from several different angles.

An estimation of your expected monthly income – Along with a list of your monthly income, include documents so that we can verify proof of income easily and quickly. Acceptable documents for verification of proof of income would be recent bank statement, government documents with subsidy information, social security statements or salary stubs. The more documentation you send to us, the quicker you can get a lending decision.
Your active bank account information – This is vital, because it will be a quick and easy way for us to deposit your title loan funds. In addition, you can use your bank account to set up an electronic plan for your monthly payments.

Government issued photo ID – To identify who you are, we need a valid form of ID with your picture on it. This could be a Texas state ID, a current driver’s license or a valid passport.

Proof of your Texas residence – For all Texas residents, we will need to confirm your current address. An easy way for us to verify where you live is by sending us a piece of mail with your name and address in Texas, a bill or credit card statement with your name and address or a utility bill.

At 5 Star Car Title Loans, we take the urgency of your title loan request seriously. Send in your application anytime and we will begin reviewing your documentation so we can provide you with the fastest lending decision possible.

After you receive final title loan approval, your money could be ready for you in one business day! For quick title loan service, reach out to us now!

We look forward to hearing from you! We are ready to process requests for auto title loans for our Texas customers today!

Who Can I Contact if I Have More Title Loan Questions?

Fortunately, our customer service department at 5 Star Car Title Loans is always staffed with friendly agents who are happy to help you. Anytime you need an auto title loan but you have more questions about the maximum loan amount, loan options available, the interest rate, new loans or how to get cash quickly, we are here to help.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help with filling out your request for help with any financial emergency. Unlike other lenders or other loan options, title loans online can be your solution to getting cash quickly.

What Should I Do if I Can’t Find My Car’s Title?

To get Texas car title loans, it’s important to have a valid vehicle title. There are a few reasons that your title might not have the current information, such as a recent move to Texas. If you moved to Texas but didn’t register your car yet, you can do so now at the Department of Motor Vehicles in your city.

If you absolutely cannot find your title but you want a title loan, you can visit the DMV to request a new one. They can easily process your request if you take proper ID with you and proof that you own the vehicle, whether it’s a motorcycle, a car or a truck. Be prepared to pay a fee for title replacement service.

Is the wrong name on your title? To qualify for a car title loan, only your name can be listed on the title. If you have not finished the last few payments on your vehicle, your name will not appear on the title. In this case, contact us for suggestions. If there is a mistake with the name or it is spelled wrong, take your legal identification to the DMV and ask them to print out a new one that is correct.

For whatever reason your car title is not current, the DMV should be able to help. For more suggestions for getting a Texas title loan, contact our customer service department.

We are always ready to hear from you regarding your need for fast cash! We might be able to help with a quick car title loan! Compared to a payday loan or other type of personal loan option, you will be pleased with our loan services!

Are You Ready for Quick Cash?

When you need cash for any emergency and you are not sure of which loan type to choose, you are welcome to send your request for personal loans using your vehicle as collateral to us. We will be happy to discuss all the advantages of requesting a car title loan with you.

Texas title loans can provide you with the quick cash you need for any financial emergency! The application process is quick and pending review, you won’t have to wait long for a reply.

If you could use some fast cash today and you own a vehicle with equity, we invite you to reach out to us for a quick solution with car title loans in Texas.

We’re waiting to hear from you – let’s get started now!