Car Title Loans in Washington

If you are a Washington resident and you own a vehicle that has equity, you are entitled to send in an online inquiry form for a car title loan in Washington. These are title loans that are provided to qualifying borrowers who need emergency funding for any urgent expense or unexpected purchase. Because they are online title loans, you can complete and submit a request for title loans at any time.

Title loans are fast and easy. The inquiry form that you find online is short so it only takes several minutes to fill it in and send it to 5 Star Car Title Loans in Washington. Once we get it, whether it’s during daytime business hours or in the night, we can begin your approval process.

If it turns out that we are able to offer you a title loan, we will send you a quick loan offer. When you get it and review it, you can decide if you want to accept it or not. You are never under any obligation to sign an offer that you don’t agree with.

When you sign the loan agreement and send it back to us, we will quickly process your fast cash, so that you can get it as soon as possible. In some cases, the emergency funding can be ready in one business day!

Send us your online inquiry form today and let’s begin processing your Washington title loan!

What Are Title Loans in Washington?

If you are familiar with traditional loans, the types of personal loans users requested in the olden days, there was a lot of red tape, forms an documents to fill out, appointments to make, time at work to be lost and maybe, finally, at the end of all of that, you would find out if your short term loan was approved or not! Traditional loans were such a huge ordeal!

We offer online title loans, which are quick and easy, without a lot of hassle or complications. We understand that being short on cash can be stressful for anyone, so we’ve built a streamlined loan process that you can get through easily.

Our loan application form is online, so you can access it any time. When we receive it, we will check out what kind of car or other vehicle you have and we’ll determine how much unused equity there is. If the vehicle has a high enough value, you might be able to use that value to secure a fast cash loan.

The vehicle title is sufficient to use as collateral for a title loan. What we mean by that is that we keep the title to your vehicle, but you keep the vehicle. With the title as loan security, you can keep your car with you so you can drive it as usual. While you are making the monthly payments, we will retain your title. When the repayment process is finished, you are free to take your clear vehicle title back.

Find out more about title loans when you send us your online request form!

How Can I Begin My Request for a Title Loan in Washington?

Anytime you are ready to begin your request for a title loan, we are ready to help. The process for title loans is quick and easy, so that you won’t get stuck in complicated or repetitive submission forms. We care about your time, so developed an application system that can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

When you are ready to begin your first step to filling out your online request, there are a few basic title loan requirements that will help with the approval process. If you can spend the time it takes to compile this information before you begin filling out your online inquiry form, the whole loan process will go faster.
Here are the title loan requirements:

Identification – This should be a photo ID issued by the government. Use whatever is the most convenient, but usually a driver’s license, a Washington state issued ID card or a passport.

Estimated monthly income – Prepare a list of the income that goes into your account each month. Usually this list consists of your regular salary from each job that you have and any other income that you receive. Other income can fall into the category of social security deposits, money from a child support settlement, workman’s comp or other types of insurance payouts or a government subsidy. Whatever income you list, put next to it the information we can use for proof of income. You can consider adding salary stubs, bank statements or court or government issued documents.

Details regarding the car that you own – send us the important information so that we’ll be able to correctly evaluate it. According to the details that you write on the title loans request form, we will determine if your car is valuable enough to use as title loan collateral. If you can send recent photos of your vehicle, including the interior, exterior, mirrors and windshields, it can help us put a value on your car.

Valid car title – If you own the vehicle outright, your name should on on the vehicle title. If you haven’t finished paying your car loan off yet, contact one of our loan agents for instructions on how to proceed. For any other issues with your vehicle title, approach your local DMV.

Personal bank account details – The online title loan process goes much easier if you have your own bank account. When it comes to depositing funds into your account, setting up automatic monthly payments and verifying your income, a bank account is good.

Your Washington place of residence – Wherever you are living, write down the address.

This is all the information that is needed to began processing your request. When you have this information next to you, go ahead and pop the details into the blanks on the online inquiry form. Completing the submission form should take between 5-10 minutes.

Inquiry process step one:

After connecting to the internet using your smartphone, laptop computer or tablet, go to the website of 5 Star Car Title Loans in Washington. Open up the online inquiry form and complete the submission form, using the information and documents that you prepared. After spending a very few minutes with this, go ahead and submit it to us.

You are now finished with the first step to getting your title loan!

Inquiry process step two:

After you send us your online request for title loans, we can begin processing your details. We’ll begin with your vehicle, to be sure that it has enough value before we continue with other items. We could say that your auto’s value is the most important piece of information.

At the same time, we’ll review your vehicle’s title to insure that it is registered in Washington and it has your name written as the vehicle’s legal owner. After determining that you have enough equity in the vehicle, we’ll verify your income to be sure that you will have the ability to make your monthly payments when they are due.

We’ll continue on, step by step, to evaluate your inquiry form so that we can hand you the fast lending decision.

Inquiry process step three:

The final step in the title loan process is forwarding you our lending decision and, if it is approved, to send you a loan agreement. Even if you’re in a hurry for the fast cash, we advise all applicants to take a minute to review the terms of the loan offer carefully. Make a decision if this money is what you need to help you through your present financial crisis. If you decide to go ahead with it, sign the offer and return it to us.

With your signed loan offer in our hands, we will begin preparing your emergency funds. At the same time, you will be expected to submit your vehicle title. While you are taking care of the repayment process by sending in your monthly payment, we will keep your title. You can still drive your vehicle, but we will hold your title until the loan amount has been repaid.

After you finish the repayment process and your loan amount has been paid in full, we will gladly send your clear vehicle title to you.

Those 3 short steps are all that is standing between you and your loan proceeds, which you can use for anything. When you get your cash loan, we don’t put any restrictions or limitations on how you should use it or what you should spend your title loan funds on. It is only for you to decide!

With My Bad Credit Status, Can I Still Be Approved for a Washington Title Loan?

When you send your request for a title loan to 5 Star Car Title Loans in Washington, your request will be analyzed to determine if you fit the flexible credit criteria that we use. When compared to personal loans from a bank or loan office or other type of traditional loan, you will find out that it is much easier to receive approval for online title loans.

Title loans are secured loans, so there is less risk involved. With the old fashioned type of personal loans, you are expected to have a near perfect credit score! If you had a really good credit history and could convince the bank officer of your need for quick cash, maybe you would be allowed to apply!

All credit types invited to request title loans:

With title loans, you do not have to have a great credit history. We want to hear from you no matter what your credit score is! With low credit scores, it is still possible to be approved for a fast title loan. At 5 Star Car Title Loans, we welcome title loan inquiries from every type of credit consumer.

Don’t be afraid to send us your request for title loans today! We are here to evaluate every title loan request according to your current financial situation! If you had credit problems in the past, that doesn’t mean you can’t get instant approval for a title loan today!

What Does the Title Loan Repayment Process Look Like?

We make it super easy for you to be able to apply for title loans and then repay them in convenient monthly payments. Anytime you’re in a pinch for instant cash, you are welcome to request a title loan. Title loans are an ideal type of personal loan for anyone who needs immediate financial assistance.

When you send us your online request for a title loan in Washington, we will quickly evaluate your urgent request for loan eligibility. Title loans are meant to be a quick path to easy cash, so we don’t make you wait for our decision. If you are approved for a title loan, we’ll notify you right away!

Your loan proceeds will be prepared after you receive a final approval. 30 days after you get your final title loan approval, you will need to make the first of your title loan payments. It’s very important that you are able to send in your monthly payments on or before their due dates.

You have several options to choose from when sending in your title loan payments, but the most crucial fact to remember is that they must be on time. While you are paying off your title loan, we will take possession of your vehicle’s title. Until the title loan is paid off, we will have the legal car title.

When all is said and done, you’ve spent the title loan money and repaid all the title loan payments, you will be released from the title loan contract and your title will be returned.

Find out how long your title loan term will be, what the title loan amount will be and how much you will need to repay each month when you receive your title loan offer.

If you have any other concerns or questions about how title loans work, reach out to your loan agent.

What Methods Are Available for Sending Monthly Title Loan Payments?

As mentioned above, when your 30 days have passed after final title loan approval, you need to begin with the first of your monthly payments. Below is a description of the most standard ways to repay title loans, but you can speak with your lender if you need an alternative payment method.

Standard Methods for Paying Off Title Loans:

Here are the most common types of loan payments:

Electronic payment transfer from your bank account:
This is by far the most preferable payment method. It can turn out to be the cheapest as well, because you won’t need to worry about missing due dates or forgetting to send in your title loan payment. You’ll save money and avoid all those nasty late fees and penalties by sending a direct deposit from your bank account!

Mailing a check to a 5 Star Car Title Loans Payment Center:
If this is the easiest way for you to make your title loan payment, we will supply you with an address to send it to. Keep in mind that you’ll need to put it in the mail well before the date it is due, to be sure it gets to us in time.

Calling our customer support telephone:

For some consumers, calling our office for help making payments on title loans is the most convenient. If this is your best option, be sure to have your credit card information ready when you call.

Going in person to a MoneyGram location:

You can check your local directory or we can help you find the closest MoneyGram outlet in your area. By going there, you can easily take care of sending your funds to cover the monthly title loan payment.

Taking into account that your monthly payments on title loans must arrive by the due date, according to the payment schedule, choose the option that works best for you.

When I Get My Emergency Cash Loan, Will I Have to Give Up My Car?

When you apply for title loans in Washington, you are getting a secured loan. An auto title loan that is secured by your car’s value is a fast way to get cash you need for any purpose. By securing a car title loan with your car title, you can still keep driving your car as you do now.

There is no need to give up your car when you take the cash for an auto title loan. Instead of keeping your actual car with us, we only need to keep your valid vehicle title. We understand how badly you need your car with you.

Keep your car and use it for:

Going to work or the office
Running necessary errands
Taking the kids to school
Visiting your parents across state
Joining your old school reunion
Checking out the latest sales in a nearby town

We only mentioned a few uses for your car here, but in fact, you can drive it anywhere you need to, at any time. So don’t hesitate to send us your request for a Washington car title loan today!

How Does an Online Title Loan in Washington Work?

If you only have experience with the old type of loan where you go through your bank or other street lender to get cash, you will be surprised at how easy it is to get Washington car title loans online. For whatever tough financial situation you are in today, you can inquire how we an help you with a same day loan.

For the old style loans, you needed to get dressed, make an appointment, drive across town and wait in line to speak with the loan agent. After signing many documents and forms, you would still need to wait to find out if you were approved for a loan with bad credit or not.

When you apply for auto title loans online, you don’t need to go anywhere or do anything special. Even if you have bad credit, you are welcome to send us your request for an auto title loan.

Wherever you are, and whatever time it is, you can stop what you’re doing and reach out to us at 5 Star Car Title Loans in Washington. While sitting on your comfie sofa or your favorite recliner, you can access our website using your laptop computer a tablet or even your mobile phone. Fill in the online request form for auto title loans and send it to us!

With online loans, your request will be reviewed using simple and flexible credit criteria. If you own a qualifying vehicle, your income is adequate to pay off the cash loan and you pass our easy credit criteria, you can get a fast lending decision.

With online title loans in Washington, you can save time and enjoy the simple application process!

How Much Cash Can I Get with a Title Loan in Washington?

Of course if you are requesting a car title loan, you are interested in knowing how much cash you can get. We understand that, but we can’t give you an accurate loan amount until we receive your request for a bad credit loan online.

When we have a few minutes to review your request for a title loan in Washington, we will be able to accurately evaluate your needs and your financial situation. We want to give you a correct lending decision that is fair.

If your request for Washington state title loans is approved, you will receive a preliminary loan offer. You can decide if you want to accept the offer or not and then contact us. If you sign the loan agreement, we will continue the fast loan process so that you can get final approval.

With final approval for Washington title loans, you will get a contract that has all the details of your cash advance filled in.
Your final title loan contract will include:

Interest rates
How much cash you can get
The minimum loan amount
The maximum loan amount
Amount of your monthly payments

For any further information regarding your loan approval, loan amount or monthly payment , be sure to reach out to your loan agent. You can get all the details regarding cash loans in Washington from our customer service department.

How Can I Get My Cash Advance in Washington State?

After you’ve finished the approval process for Washington car title loan, you will need to coordinate with your lender providing title loans regarding picking up your funds. There are usually a few options for you to choose from, so you can discuss the best option for you with the loan agent.

When your loan amount is ready for you and you have submitted your car title as requested, you will be able to go get your money! Your lender will notify you so you can be ready.

Popular options for getting cash loans:

Go to your closest MoneyGram location to pick up your cash advance
Request that our office sends a check to your Washington address
Arrange a direct deposit into your account

If these options for getting your car title loan are not convenient for you, discuss other pick up options with your loan agent.
Why Choose Title Loans in Washington for Your Bad Credit Loan
At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Washington, we work hard to make your loan approval process go smoothly and easily. We are aware that consumers like you, who work hard for their money, don’t have time to spend running across the city or going into loan offices to fill out documents and forms.

When you need quick funds for any financial emergency, time is of the essence. That’s why you will appreciate the benefits of sending your request for a title loan in Washington to us. We work hard to make your life easy!

Whatever your credit score is, you are invited to reach out to use today with your need for loans in Washington. In Washington state, you will enjoy the best of both worlds! You will have access to fast cash the easy way without leaving your home to apply!

If you need money today for any need that is urgent for you, give us a chance to help! We have loan agents waiting to hear from you now. Don’t wait another minute to contact us for your title loan!
Call us or send us your online inquiry form today!

Get started with your cash now!