Title Loans in New Mexico

Getting by on the salary you get can sometimes be difficult, if unexpected expenses come up or you discover a stack of bills that you forgot to pay. Even people who have a good and steady job can run into financial difficulties. If you life in New Mexico has become complicated with money problems, let us at 5 Star Car Title Loans in New Mexico throw you a cash life line!

Not all residents of New Mexico are aware that car owners can apply online for car title loans for extra cash to get through a month. You might think they are similar to payday loans, but with title loans you have different benefits.

For instance, when you apply for title loan services you can get a longer payback term and a higher loan amount. With payday loans, you must pay back the money quickly, with your next salary and your loan amount is limited to that of your next paycheck.

Don’t wait for extra cash when you can get it now! Contact us today with your online inquiry form.

What Are New Mexico Title Loans?

New Mexico title loans are online loans that anyone with a vehicle can request. What happens is that you can use your car’s equity as security, or collateral, for a fast, personal loan. By using only your vehicle’s equity, you don’t need to give up your car at all. By sending the vehicle title to us, you can secure your loan and get quick cash.

It’s all fairly simple and straightforward. The loan process begins when you send your online request for a New Mexico title loan to us at 5 Star Car Title Loans. We will check that your car has enough value left to be used as loan collateral. If the equity in your auto is good, we’ll confirm your ability to pay and check that you meet our simple credit criteria. We are very quick to give credit decisions to our customers.

Quick and Easy Loan Process:

-Send us your request for an online loan in New Mexico.

-We’ll verify your auto’s value, your ability to pay and if you meet our credit criteria.

-Get quick lending decisions.

When everything is verified and approved, you can get a loan offer to sign. From that time, we will quickly prepare your quick cash so that you can catch up on your urgent expenses. Send us your car title and when you finish paying off your title loan, you will get the title back free and clear.

How Much Cash Can I Get with an Auto Title Loan?

If you’re ready to learn more about how online title loan in New Mexico can help your financial crisis, that’s really super. You won’t be sorry when you inquire about ways to get your emergency funding.

When you send in your application for an auto title loan, we will use the information you include on the inquiry form to determine your eligibility. If you get instant approval, we’ll go on to prepare a loan agreement for you to sign. Read over the loan agreement to find out how much cash you will get and the loan terms.

Find out quickly how much cash you can get by sending us your online request today!

Can I Get Loans in New Mexico with a Bad Credit Score?

Whatever credit score you have, we hope that we can help you with a quick loan that will help you take care of your emergency needs. If you have a poor credit score you are welcome to send us your online loan application. In fact, whatever your credit rating is, we might be able to pre qualify your loan request.

Easy Online Loans

When you begin with online loans, you will appreciate the easy approval process. We use simple credit criteria so that even if your credit history is bad, you still have a chance at getting instant approval for an online loan for bad credit. We think it’s fair to look at your current financial situation when we begin the approval process.

Don’t get 5 Star Car Title Loans mixed up with traditional lenders – you know, the kind that borrowers used to get. Those involved making appointments, going to the bank or loan office and sitting before a loan officer with endless stacks of papers to sign. However, if you have bad credit, the traditional lenders would not be interested in processing your loan request.

We want to make it easy for you to get the emergency funding you need today! Reach out to our loan agents in New Mexico with your online application!

How Long Does it Take to Get My Cash?

Before taking the plunge and sending in an online application, many users what to know how long it will take to get their emergency cash. You can take advantage of our quick and easy approval process and our fast lending decision to know if you can pre qualify for a Mexico title loan.

After you get instant approval and sign the loan agreement, you will know how much cash you are able to get and your lender can let you know when it will be ready. Depending on when you sign the final loan documents, you could already get the money on the next business day.

Can I Apply Online Now?

Yes of course you can apply for your short term loan now! When you are working with online loans in New Mexico, you can begin the loan process anytime that you want to. Remember that with online loans, there isn’t any reason to wait until business hours or weekdays to send your application.

-Go to the 5 Star Car Title Loans website, using your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

-Get pre approval for instant cash.

-Submit your vehicle’s title and pick up your money.

Online Available All the Time

Our website is always available, 24 hours each day, 7 days each week! That gives you every opportunity to spend the 10 minutes it takes to request your cash. If you’re at home now, you can stay there! You don’t need to leave home to begin the online loan process!

Completing your online application takes minutes. Do it now and we can begin your credit information and income documentation. Just think about it – in one business day you could get the money you’re waiting for!

What Are the Requirements for New Mexico Title Loans?

Even though we’ve put together a very simple and easy application form, there are a few basic documents that you will be asked for. It shouldn’t be any great surprise that we will need some form of income documentation, verification that you own the car and other identifying information. When you have these items altogether before beginning the loan process, it will go very quickly.

Keep in mind that with an auto title loan, the most important documents will be those pertaining to a vehicle that you own. Your name will need to be on the title, it must be registered in the state of New Mexico and it needs to have a good amount of value.

Basic Loan Documents for Online Title Loans

-Your vehicle title – this must have your legal name as the car’s only owner. Check that the title is legal, up to date and registered in New Mexico so that you can use it as loan collateral.

-Government issued ID with a photo – a driver’s license will meet this requirement. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can send a New Mexico state ID card or your passport.

-Address of your New Mexico residence.

-A list of all your income – This is not only your wages you get from your job. You should also include any insurance payments you are receiving, social security deposits, child support documents and government subsidies. For each item that you list, send income documentation. This can be bank account statements, court documents and salary stubs.

-Details of the vehicle that you own – it doesn’t have to be a car. If you have a motorcycle with good value or a personal truck, you can send us those details with the title.

If you meet the requirement of being over 18 years of age, then go ahead and get started now! Submit your online application and let us get started on your instant approval!

What Should I Do to Request a New Mexico Car Title Loan?

If you’ve decided that a car title loan is your most favored option for getting cash quickly, then go ahead and take the first step. You can take this step any time, since it’s online. We will see your request and act on it! We don’t want you to wait for a long time to receive the lending decision.

Once you’ve contacted our loan team with your online title loan request, we will take it from there. We’ll begin processing your loan request and lead you through the steps to get your cash. You can begin now!

Take these steps:

Step One: Go online with your laptop or tablet. If you don’t have those, you can also use your smartphone to send us your loan inquiry form. Enter the 5 Star Car Title Loans website, fill in the short inquiry form and submit it. That’s all there is to step one!

Step Two: Our loan agents will quickly review your online submission form to reach a lending decision. We’ll check your identity (to make sure it’s really you!), we’ll get a fast evaluation of your vehicle and we’ll confirm your income sources. If all goes well, you can be pre qualified for a fast loan in New Mexico.

Step Three: After you’ve been pre approved and signed a loan agreement, we’ll be busy preparing your money. You’ll need to sign the final loan document and submit your car title to use it as security for your loan. You can feel confident that there will be no additional fees added to your loan contract. Then we’ll discuss the best option for you to pick up your cash.

After you have the money you need, go ahead and begin spending it – it’s yours! We’ll keep your vehicle title in our office as security until you finish paying off the money you borrow. After fulfilling your loan contract, we will be happy to return your clear vehicle title.

This All Sounds Great, But Do I Have to Give Up My Car to Get a Car Title Loan?

With online title loans, there is no requirement to give up your car or other vehicle. Your vehicle’s title is used for secured loans in New Mexico, and that is enough. After you sign the final loan contract, you receive the loan amount and you begin spending your money, the car still stays with you.

While you are repaying the title loan, you can use your car whenever you want to and go wherever you want to. However, since we will have the car title, you will not be allowed to sell your car. When the loan amount has been repaid and you have met your financial responsibilities according to the contract, we will return your title to you, free and clear.

Find out how much you can get today when you send us your title loan inquiry.

Does the Vehicle I Use for Secured Loans Matter?

Yes, it does matter. We take all the vehicle details into account when evaluating your title loan request. If you use the title of an older car that hasn’t been well kept, you might get the minimum loan amount. However, submit the title to a more valuable car and you could get the maximum loan amount. With our title loan services, we take several points into consideration when determining how much cash you can get.

Here are the vehicle’s details that determine your eligibility:

-Model of your car

-Style and make of the car

-How many years old the car is

-How many miles it’s been driven

-General condition of the car – according to photos

We will check your vehicle’s value according to Kelly Blue Book and then adjust the amount according to the details of your particular vehicle. This is the information that will determine the value of your car and what the loan amount will be, if it is pre approved. In some cases, we might ask for more information or additional photos.

Does the Car Title Need to Have My Name on It?

If the vehicle that you are using for a secured loan has any name other than your own, you cannot use it for collateral. It is mandatory that your car title has only your legal name on it. If you recently purchased the car but you didn’t have time to transfer the title to your name yet, you can do it now.

-Go to the Department of Motor Vehicle’s in your New Mexico locality.

-Take your sales receipt and other identifying documents with you.

-Ask the clerk to transfer the title to your legal name.

If you have all the correct documents, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you lost your car title or it is damaged, you can ask them, for a possible fee, for a replacement title.

If you moved to New Mexico but didn’t register your vehicle in the state, the DMV can also help you with that. When your vehicle is registered in the state of New Mexico, it has your legal name as its owner and the information is correct, then you can use it to secure your request for title loans.

Where Do I Go to Get My Money in New Mexico?

When all is said and done, and you are at the end of the quick title loans process, you will want to get your cash! After all, you have urgent expenses and other types of emergency bills to take care of, right? At 5 Star Car Title Loans in New Mexico, we want the final step in your loan process to be as quick and easy as getting approved was.

Your loan agent might give you options to choose from, but here are the most popular methods of picking up your title loans funds:

-Walk into a local MoneyGram location near you.

-Go into a participating store or other partner locations in person.

-We can mail a check to your address.

-Ask for an electronic deposit into your account.

-For other convenient options, you can discuss them with your lender.

Getting Started with Your Cash Loan in New Mexico

If you are ready to go ahead with your title loan, let’s get started now! At 5 Star Car Title Loans, we have agents waiting to receive your online request form. Let us help you get the title loans that you can use for any emergency need or to help you out of your current money crisis and reduce your financial stress!

We are waiting to serve you now – contact us with your quick loan request today!