The residents of Kansas are welcome to apply for car title loans as a quick way to get easy cash for any need. At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Kansas, you can use the value of a vehicle you own to get money, without giving up the vehicle! All that is needed to use your vehicle’s value is your car title. In exchange, you get a fast loan and you get to keep driving your car!

Auto title loans in Kansas are an easy way to get money, because they are online loans. Unlike other types of personal loans, where you need to go into a bank or office, they are totally through the internet. If you are at home, at your mother’s home, at work or on the road, you can send in your application for title loans online anytime.

If you are used to the old fashioned type of personal loans, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the way personal loans for bad credit work when you apply online. For starters, the credit criteria for online loans is more flexible, making it easier for consumers with a bad credit score to get approved. Car title loans are secured loans, which is another factor that makes it more simple. Since secured loans represent less risk to the lender, even bad credit types can sometimes be approved within minutes.

If you need cash now, don’t wait to send us your online inquiry form. We are here to help you get money so you can handle your emergency bills and other urgent expenses.

Can I Keep Driving My Car if I Get a Loan with Bad Credit in Kansas?

One of the popular benefits of car title loans is that you only need to submit your title to get the money. You can keep your car and drive it as you do now. Go anywhere you need to go without limitations. We know you need your wheels to go to your job, your school, the store or wherever. Let us keep your car title during the pay-off period and that’s good enough. When you finish paying the loan back, according to the terms written in the contract you sign, we’ll return the title to you.
Do I Need Specific Documents for Installment Loans for Bad Credit?
There are a few basic documents you’ll need when you send us your online inquiry form. We don’t need anything complicated or fancy – only enough to find out who you are. We will also need some information about the vehicle you own, so we can evaluate it and process your loan request. When you are ready to fill in and submit your online loan request, you will need these items:

-A valid title for the vehicle that you want to use as collateral for your loan.

-Proof of your Kansas residence.

-Statements or documents proving your monthly income.

-Recent pictures of your vehicle.

-A government picture ID card, such as a passport, driver’s license or Kansas ID.

Those items are needed to begin the loan process. If any other information is needed, you will be notified. Why not get started on your online loan request now? The sooner you send it to us, the faster you’ll get a lending decision!

What Are the Types of Proof of Income Are Acceptable?

When you send us your monthly income, we will request to see the proof, so we can quickly evaluate your inquiry form and give you a fast lending decision. As far as your job is concerned, that’s easy because you can just send us copies of your recent salary stubs. But to be able to prove your other sources of income, here are a few suggestions that can help:

-Monthly social security statements of deposit.

-Recent bank statements that show additional deposits.

-Worker’s compensation – you can send a letter stating your benefits.

-Disability payments that you’re entitled to.

-Support payments received following a divorce – letters from the court.

Whatever else you can show to prove your income is great! Let’s get started now!
How Can I Get a Car Title Loan in Kansas?
If you have a car that qualifies for use as collateral for a car title loan, you could get money in as little as one business day! We have created a streamlined application process for you to get so that you won’t have to spend very much time sending in your inquiry form. The loans are online, so anytime you’re ready to fill out the submission form, just go to the 5 Star Car Title Loans website and get started!

Here are the simple steps to getting car title loans:

-Go online to our website to locate the inquiry form. Fill in the blanks and send it in.

-If you find it more convenient, you can call one of our Kansas locations for help.

-Submit your completed loan request along with the list of documents listed above.

Those are the steps you take to get started. When we receive your request, we will be glad to review it and evaluate your information. If your request is approved we’ll send you out a notice of approval along with a quick loan offer.
Here are the next steps:
-When you have been approved and have a loan offer, read it through and if you want to go ahead with it, sign it and return it to us.

-We will prepare your cash while you send us your vehicle title for safe keeping.

-When the money is ready, sometimes within 24 hours after you sign it, we’ll notify you.

Now all that is left for you to do is go pick up your money and enjoy using it to cover your emergency cash needs. There are no limitations as to how you can use it – this is exclusively your choice!

When My Cash Loan is Ready, How Will I Get it?

There might be a variety of options for picking up your cash, and you can discuss these with your loan agent. Generally speaking, the options usually include the following:

-5 Star Car Title Loans in Kansas can send you a check in the mail.

-Pick up your cash at a MoneyGram location in your area.

-We can make a direct deposit into your personal checking account.

You can let your agent know whatever method is the most convenient for you. Apply for your online loan, get approval and get cash fast!
Can I Get a Vehicle Loan in Kansas if I Have a Bad Credit Score?
If you want to try to get a traditional loan with bad credit, your options will be very limited. In most cases, you would be turned away altogether or you might be offered a loan with very difficult terms and extremely high interest rates. It seems like traditional lenders only want to approve loans for consumers with good credit ratings. They are often reluctant to loan money to individuals that might be in the higher risk category.

At 5 Star Car Title Loans, we see the situation differently. In many cases, we are able to accept bad credit types as well. Whatever your credit score is or your financial background, we would like the chance to review your inquiry form. Because we use your car title as collateral to secure your car title loan, we can approve many types of credit consumers. The fact that the loan is secured means that we can be more flexible with our credit criteria.

Whatever your credit history or credit rating is today, we would like to hear from you.

How Can I Know if I Can Be Approved for Car Title Loans in Kansas?

When you send us your inquiry form for secured loans, we will use our own criteria to evaluate your request and issue a fast lending decision. Unlike some types of lenders, we look at your whole financial situation, and not only at your credit score. You will notice that it is much easier to get online loans that are secured with some form of collateral. In the case of auto title loans, it’s your title that is used to secure your loan.

There are 3 main factors that we take into account when preparing a lending decision. Here is how it works:

-The value of a vehicle that you own. While in most cases this is a personal car, it can also be a truck or a motorcycle. The important point is how much equity you have in it. We will check its value according to the following information:

-Your car’s make, style and model

-The vehicle’s production year

-How many miles show on the odometer

-Current condition of your car, both inside and outside – a photo may be required

Bear in mind that this must be a car owned by you. We will check your vehicle’s title to be certain that it is only your name on it as the legal owner. If you haven’t finished paying it off yet, your name might not be on the title. In that case, we’ll see how we can help you.

-Your income must be high enough to be able to manage the monthly payments. We will need to know how much income you have and what expenses you owe each month to determine your ability to pay. You may be asked for extra information or proof regarding your income or your expenses.

-The 3rd item is checking that you meet our online credit criteria. It happens to be easier to meet online criteria, because in most cases, it is more flexible. We don’t look only at your past credit history, but we take a close look at your current financial situation. Even if you have had credit troubles in the past, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to get a fast online loan today.

Whatever your situation is, if you need money you are invited to reach out to our lending team. We will work with you to see how we can help you with the cash you need today.

My Name Is Not on My Car Title – Can I Still Get Approval for a Title Loan in Kansas?

Before sending us your online inquiry form for collateral loans in Kansas, you should take time to get your car title taken care of. You can call us for suggestions, but it’s most likely that you’ll need to make a quick trip to the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles to get it straightened out. When you go, take your sales contract so you can prove that you own the auto and take your government issued ID, to confirm your identity. If the car is legally yours and you have the documents to prove it, the DMV can help you. There may be a fee involved, so it’s best to take some form of payment with you as well.

If you lost your car title or if it’s not yet registered in the state of Kansas, the DMV should be able to help you update it.. When your car title is accurate, updated and with your legal name as the owner, the loan process will go more smoothly.

I Need Money Urgently – How Long Does it Take to Get Secured Loans in Kansas?

We have streamlined the loan process so that you can apply quickly and expect a fast reply. At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Kansas, we want to help you get the urgent funds you need as quickly as possible. After you are pre-approved and you sign the final contract, we can sometimes get the money to you as quickly as the following business day.2 Get your documents ready, check your title and send in your online request now for quick service.

If you need money for any emergency, we want to check how we can help you. Reach out to our loan team today with your quick request for auto title loans.