Title Loans in Utah

If you’ve ever wondered where in the world you can come up with the quick cash you need for your urgent expenses, you’ve come to the right place! At 5 Star Car Title Loans in Utah, we process easy online title loans. This type of personal loan uses your car’s title to help secure a fast cash loan that you can use for whatever financial emergency you are experiencing.

Whatever money crisis you’re going through now, you are welcome to reach out to us with an application online for title loans. Utah residents are eligible to send in an online request for title loans that use their car’s value as collateral. This makes getting fast cash loans a piece of cake!

After submitting a legal car title in your name, there is a chance that you can get a title loan in one business day. The online title loan process has been trimmed down to just 3 steps. Once you take the first step to get started, we will guide you through to the end, when you pick up your cash quickly.

When you get the loan proceeds, you’ll be glad to know that there aren’t any rules or limitations on how you spend the cash. The money is totally yours to spend as you please. For more information on how title loans work, how much cash you can get or how title loans for bad credit works, contact us now or read on!

What Are Utah Car Title Loans?

Since you are in need of cash quickly, we are offering you the opportunity to use the value of a vehicle that you own to get what you need without a lot of hassles or red tape. We think that getting loans should be easy and fast, so we are offering a quick way for you to get short terms loans in Utah.

If you’re familiar with title loans, or you’ve taken out auto title loans in the past, then you are aware that they use the value of some valuable asset that you own as loan collateral. Well, with auto title loans in Utah, they use your car as that asset. It’s not exactly your car that they use it’s actually the equity you have in that vehicle.

After a short evaluation of a vehicle that you own to ascertain its current value, you might be instantly approved and provided with a loan offer to sign. This can happen if the car, motorcycle or truck that you own has enough unused equity.

If you want to accept the short term loan, then you just sign the document and turn your car title over to us as security for your loan amount. In turn we will prepare cash quickly for you to use right away. At the end of the loan term, when you’ve completed the repayment plan, your clear vehicle title will be returned to you.

What is the sweetest part of this deal? When you get a title loan in Utah you can keep driving your car! You get cash to spend on anything you want and your car to drive around! Find out how much cash you can get today when you send us your online request for a title loan.

What Is the Minimum Loan Amount with Car Title Loans in Utah?

If you’re wondering how much cash you can get with title loans in Utah, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. If you have a car that has quite a lot of equity built up, you could be in store for a nice sized title loan.

The size of your loan amount depends on several factors. Without receiving your application online, it is not possible to determine how much cash you can get. When we get your online request for a title loan, then we can evaluate your vehicle, check out your income to verify it and use our simple credit criteria to see that you can qualify.

If we can instantly approve your title loan request, we will send you a preliminary loan offer along with your acceptance notice. Find out more now by sending us your online inquiry form, with the details of the vehicle that you own.

When Can I Submit My Application Online for Title Loans?

Title loans are ideal, because they are online loans. This makes it easy even for the homebound user to get quickly without any problems. Since you can stay at home or anywhere else to go online and fill in an inquiry form, there are no time limits r restrictions on when you can apply.

Are you in a rough financial spot now and need extra cash? Don’t bother to look at your clock to check the time or your calendar to see what day it is. With online car title loans, you can apply now.

Here are the quick steps to requesting Utah car title loans:

Without any special equipment or software, you can easily go to our website to complete and submit your form for a car title loan.
Use whatever electronic device you have, such as:

Laptop or desk PC
Mobile phone that connects to the internet, such as a smartphone

Taking the first step:

To request your title loan now, go to the 5 Star Car Title loans website to open the loan submission form. Take the few minutes that are necessary to complete the form and then submit it to us. Don’t be afraid to send it to us day or night – whenever it’s the most convenient for you.

Go on to the second step:

The 2nd step of the title loan process is the approval period. We will go over all the information that you sent us on your title loan inquiry to verify details, evaluate your income and determine how much unused equity is in your vehicle.

If it works out that:

Your income is sufficient to manage monthly loan payments
The vehicle you own has a high enough unused value
You meet our basic credit criteria

You might be approved for instant cash.

3rd and final step to title loans in Utah

This is where it gets fun! As you get closer to the finish line, you will find out if your application for an auto title loan is accepted and you’ll get a loan document to review.

If you like the loan terms and you want to go ahead and get your cash funding, all that is left is for you to sign the loan agreement. At the same time, make plans to submit your car title to us at 5 Star Car Title Loans. While you are making your monthly payments, we’ll keep your title as collateral for your loan.

Those are the 3 steps involved in getting car title loans in Utah! If it sounds easy, that’s because it is! We have streamlined the loan process so that you can send your application to us, get approved and collect your cash as quickly as possible – sometimes even the following business day!

Can I Qualify for Title Loans in Utah with a Bad Credit History?

One of the benefits of applying for online loans is that your financial situation will be evaluated by a lenient type of credit criteria. It is more flexible, so that even with a poor credit history there is a chance you can get instant approval.

Besides the easy credit criteria, secured loans are easier to get than personal loans that are unsecured, simply because they represent less risk to the lender. If you are putting up some form of collateral (in this case, your car title), it will be easier for you to be approved.

At 5 Star Car Title Loans, we do not provide traditional loans that you might get from a bank or a street lender. Traditional lenders are not usually willing to receive applications from consumers who have a bad credit history. On the contrary, our online lenders like to think that everyone from every credit type should receive the chance to be approved for title loans.

If you are interested in getting a title loan today and you have collateral to back it up, we would like to hear from you. We will see how we can evaluate your request and help you get on your way to fast cash!

If I Lost My Vehicle Title, Who Can Help?

Losing or misplacing your car title can be a problem, because to get a title loan, you must be able to present a valid vehicle title. If you’ve looked everywhere, high and low, and still can’t find it, your best bet would be to go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles in Utah.
Here’s what to do if you need to replace your car title:

Go to your nearest DMV or fill out the online forms to get a new car title.
Take your proper ID and proof that the vehicle belongs to you.
After paying a replacement fee, you can get your new title and apply for your title loan.

If you have any questions about how to update your car title, get your title registered in the state of Utah or transfer a title to your name, call us and speak to a loan agent for suggestions.

How Do I Find Out if My Car will Qualify for the Maximum Loan Amount?

You can’t really be sure your specific vehicle will qualify for title loans until you send us your personal details on our online title loan request form. Send it to us anytime of the night or day and we will quickly evaluate your vehicle and your ability to pay.

Send us all the information that is required on your inquiry form, and we can quickly send you a lending decision. When you send us your request, a few documents will be required, as listed below.
Basic documents required for title loans:

Government issued photo ID, which can be a driver’s license, a passport or a Utah state ID.

Information regarding the vehicle to be used for collateral.
A copy of a legal car title – your name must be clearly indicated as the owner of the vehicle. If you recently purchased the car and did not get the title transferred to your name yet, take time to do that now.
Your monthly income with proof, such as bank statements, salary stubs or government documents, so we can verify your ability to pay.
Your Utah place of residence – with documents that we can use for verification, such as credit car statements or utility bills with your name and Utah address.
Details of your active bank account – send us the name and the account number.

With this information at your fingertips, it should only take you about 5 or 10 minutes to complete the short loan inquiry form. Send it to us now and we will begin the approval process.

Points we will check to evaluate your online request for a title loan:

Adequate income: According to the list of monthly income that you provide with your inquiry form, we will verify your income. We will determine if it is high enough that yo will be able to make the loan payments. It can also be reflected in your final loan amount.

Value of your vehicle: Since your vehicle will be securing your title loan, it needs to have a high enough value. In other words, if you’re thinking about using that old junker that’s sitting out in your yard, don’t. Your vehicle needs to have good value that is unused. We will check what its value is today by analyzing the model, the make, the year, the number of miles it’s been driven and its interior and exterior condition. To be sure that we can correctly evaluate your car, motorcycle or truck, send us several pictures from different angles. Be sure to include the mirrors, windshields, the exterior body and the interior upholstery.

Meeting our flexible credit criteria: This is the 3rd item in our checklist. Using our simple credit criteria, we will evaluate your current situation. Keep in mind that even if your credit background is poor, you might still be approved for a fast title loan in Utah.

We’ll do our loan evaluation quickly so that we can reach out to you with a lending decision. We want you to know your loan status as quickly as possible!

When My Emergency Cash Is Ready, How Can I Get It?

Your online lender at 5 Star Car Title Loans will notify you when your cash is ready to pick up. There are several ways you can collect your loan proceeds, so you can discuss this.

Remember that before getting your cash, you will need to submit your valid car title to our office.
Here are some of the options that will be available to you when your cash is ready:

Go to a convenient MoneyGram spot in your city
Request that a check be mailed to your Utah address
Arrange for a direct deposit into your account.

Whatever option you choose, you can easily take your money and begin to spend it!

Will I Still Be Able to Drive with a Car Title Loan?

At 5 Star Car Title Loans, we are well aware that you till need to use your car for errands, to go to work, to pick up kids and to get to classes. Don’t worry about that! We are keeping your valid car title, but not your car.

You can keep your car and drive it whenever you want to.. Finish all your payments according to the schedule payment plan and we will be happy to return a clean title to you.

Get started on your title loan today by submitting your online request for an instant loan.

How Do I Make Payments on my Title Loan in Utah?

Now that you have your loan amount, you have been able to cover your most urgent expenses and you’re feeling back on your feet again, it’s time to start paying the piper. From 30 days after you received final approval for your title loan, your first payment will be due.

When you signed the final title loan contract, you can see the schedule of payments with the amount and the due date for each one. It is up to you to pay according to the due date each month.
Here are the typical loan payback options:

Pick up your funds at a MoneyGram location that is in your vicinity
Speak with your bank about arranging an automatic payment plan through your account.

Mail in a personal check to one of our 5 Star Car Title Loans payment centers in Utah.

Call our customer service department and an agent will walk you through the payment process, using your credit card.

If none of these options work for you, discuss a different payback method with your loan agent. The most important thing to be careful of is that your monthly payment arrives on time, no matter how you get it to us.

It’s worth noting that while electronic payment transfers from your bank are convenient, they are also a simple way of insuring that you won’t forget to send in your payment and that it always arrives on the due date. In the end, that will help your credit history and it will save you money, since you won’t be paying late fees or penalties.

Let’s Get Started with Your Title Loan in Utah today!

Now that you see how simple it is to get a quick cash loan, why not send us your request for a title loan today? With Utah title loans, you could get the money you need to use for any cash emergency!

We want to help you get a Utah title loan today. We’re ready to evaluate your title loan request and give you a quick loan decision.

Reach out to 5 Star Car Title Loans now! We are waiting to help you get fast cash!